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The WCCTV Dome products are all portable, rapidly deployable units that can be fitted to any column, pole, street light, bridge or building. All the products have removable recording devices, 360 PTZ control and 3G, WiFi and broadband transmission capability back to a control room, PC, laptop or portable device such as a PDA or iPhone.

Mini Dome

The Mini Dome is the smallest redeployable wireless dome system in the WCCTV range. It is light weight weighing around 2.5kg and comes with up to 60 days continuous recording and provides operators with full remote PTZ control.

Mini Dome and ANPR

WCCTV’s combined ANPR and CCTV system offers a complete, portable solution for traffic offence management

Heavy Duty Dome

The Heavy Duty Dome system is designed to work in the harshest of environments, it is shot gun proof yet fully portable.

High Definition Heavy Duty Dome

WCCTV’s 4G High Definition Heavy Duty Dome has been developed to deliver high resolution images in the harshest of environments.

Analytics Dome

Wireless CCTV's Analytics Dome Camera System combines complete flexibility and portability with intelligent video analysis. As with every WCCTV system, it can be deployed in any location and is ideal for rapid installation.

Site Dome

The Site Dome is designed to work on any site where there is a column, pole or building and power supply. This robust solution has an integral battery which provides back up in case power is lost for any reason.

Auto Tracking Dome

Wireless CCTV's redeployable 4G Auto Tracking Dome can be deployed in any location and is ideal for rapid installation and temporary surveillance applications.

4G High Definition Dome

WCCTV's 4G High Definition Dome is a lightweight, flexible and portable surveillance solution that provides users with exceptional image quality. The system can be deployed rapidly, and is easy to install at temporary, semi-permanent and permanent sites.

WCCTV Broadcast Resolution Dome

WCCTV’s 4G Broadcast Resolution Dome is a unique solution that provides exceptional imaging quality over mobile networks. Using bonded LTE SIM card technology, the system can deliver resolutions of up to 720 H.264 making it ideal for securing digital evidential quality images and footage.