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WCCTV Tower Lite

WCCTV Tower Lite

The WCCTV Tower Lite has been designed to deliver on-site security that is incredibly portable, space saving, cost effective, redeployable and easy to install.

Though it does not offer the robust all in one surveillance solution that the Standard Tower does, the Tower Lite still offers many of the key functionalities and benefits associated with WCCTV’s tower range.

The system contains 3G mobile phone technology to allow the transmission of video alarms. It also includes an infrared WCCTV Site Dome camera offering full 360° pan, tilt and 36x zoom to allow remote operators to capture images of any potential intruder, and speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur.

The Tower Lite utilises wireless motion detectors to identify potential site intrusion, and the camera will automatically pan to area where motion is detected.

Within the system there is a removable compact flash card for easy back-up of digital evidential quality recording. The Tower Lite can be easily linked, if required, to other legacy on site alarming systems.

Methods of Power

The WCCTV Tower Lite can be powered via mains or generator. When connection to the power is disconnected, an alarm is raised and the tower will fall back to battery supply.

Additional Benefits

In addition to providing site security the WCCTV Tower can also be used as a project management and Health and Safety tool. It is possible for office based personnel to access the cameras during working hours and review the recorded images to solve on site problems and/or check regulations are being followed by personnel and sub-contractors.

Additional Information

Data sheet WCCTV Tower Lite