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AMCO - Stratton Green Overbridge - Site Security

Case Study Background

Designed by Brunel and constructed in 1840 of Swindon Portland stone, Stratton Green Overbridge is a single semi-elliptical arch that was doubled in width in 1962 with a concrete deck and brick facings. 

The most recent reconstruction works were required to provide additional headroom clearances to install the overhead line equipment as part of Network Rail’s Great Western Electrification Programme, which is transforming the railway between London and Oxford, Newbury, Bristol, and Cardiff.

Works commenced in November 2016 with the AMCO Rail team working throughout the Christmas shutdown period to demolish the old bridge and lift the new structure into place, finishing the Christmas possession 10hrs ahead of the programme.

WCCTV Construction Site Security Cameras

The Challenge - Site Security and Time Lapse Video

During the works, AMCO Rail required a remote site security solution that would provide live video images and act as a visible deterrent in an area with no power or mounting infrastructure.

The Company was also keen to produce a Time Lapse Video of the works to use on their websites, social media and within presentation packs to highlight the quality, safety, and efficiency of their working practices.


The Solution - Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

AMCO Rail contracted Wireless CCTV as a specialist provider of temporary, portable and rapid-deployment site security solutions.

To meet AMCO Rail's requirements, WCCTV deployed two WCCTV Fuel Cell Site Towers at each of the three sites to provide full perimeter protection.

The WCCTV Fuel Cell Site Tower is a totally autonomous rapid deployment CCTV tower specifically designed to provide a fully monitored security solution at sites with no power available.

All WCCTV’s Site Towers contain wireless transmission (4G/3G and Wi-Fi) of video and alarms, a heavy-duty infrared, 360° pan, tilt and 36x zoom camera to allow a remote operator to capture images of any potential intruders, audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur and local recording capability.

The Tower also features an additional video input channel, allowing each Tower to have an additional high definition camera attached to capture Time Lapse Video footage.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

The Result

By deploying a WCCTV Fuel Cell Tower at each end of the bridge, the site was proactively protected for the works' duration.

The Time Lapse Video cameras captured incredible images from the works WCCTV edited and provided to AMCO Rail as a digital download.

Despite numerous challenges ranging from high winds through to the presence of complex utilities, including dozens of utility cables, fibre optic cables and a gas main, the works were completed four weeks ahead of schedule, ensuring inconvenience to residents and disruption to the operations of the railway were kept to a minimum.

The Quote

“WCCTV were very professional and helpful during all stages of this project.

Not only did they keep our site secure for the duration, but they also provided us with a high-quality time lapse production, therefore a part of a successful project delivery” - AMCO.

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