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Environmental Crime Practitioners Group 2018

WCCTV will be hosting an Environmental Crime Practitioners Group at the Company's headquarters in Greater Manchester on the 5th December 2018. 

The event will highlight the social costs of environmental crime throughout the UK and the key technological innovations that can assist those tasked with reducing fly-tipping and illegal dumping to reduce occurrences and secure prosecutions against offenders. 

The statistics relating to fly-tipping in the UK are startling:

  • For the 2016/17 year, local authorities in England dealt with around 1 million fly-tipping incidents

  • 67% of fly-tips involved household waste

  • The most common place for fly-tipping to occur was on highways, which accounted for almost half (49%) of total incidents in 2016/17

  • The estimated cost of clearance for fly-tipping to local authorities in England in 2016/17 was £57.7 million.

  • Local authorities carried out 474,000 enforcement actions in 2016/17, costing around £16 million

WCCTV Fly-Tipping Solutions

The event will feature presentations from leading figures in working to reduce environmental crime, and will also see WCCTV present its key redeployable surveillance systems specifically designed to help tackle fly-tipping.

WCCTV has vast experience in helping its clients in the public sector tackle fly-tipping and secure prosecutions. Examples can be found below: 

WCCTV / Oldham Council - Fly-tipping Case Study

WCCTV / Birmingham City Council - Fly-tipping Case Study

WCCTV / Bournemouth Borough Council - Fly-tipping Case Study

The event is free to attend for public sector workers, reserve your place today by clicking the link below. 

Register for the Environmental Crime Practitioners Group 2018. 

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