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Local Trust funds Barnsley CCTV scheme

A residents' group in Goldthorpe and Bolton Upon Dearne have been allocated up to £1m of lottery funding via Local Trust's 'Big Local' scheme.

The funding is available to communities wanting to deliver a lasting positive impact via schemes voted for by their residents.

Amongst other initiatives, Goldthorpe and Bolton Upon Dearne have elected to install redeployable CCTV cameras to tackle problem hotspots, areas where vandalism, graffiti and other anti-social behaviour is a blight.

WCCTV have worked closely with the group to ensure they get the most cost-effective solution, and provide them with free of charge training that ensures they get results they want.

Alongside Golthorpe and Bolton Upon Dearne, WCCTV have worked with a number of other Big Local group including St Matthews and Woughton, making the Company best placed to advise other groups on how to maximise any investment in CCTV.

From the Barnsley Chronicle (12/08/2016):

 Problems with anti social behaviour and flytipping in hotspots around Goldthorpe and the Dearne are set to be tackled with the help of mobile CCTV Cameras.

Goldthorpe and Dearne Big Local, the group which allocates spending of £1m awarded to the area by the Local Trust, has worked alongside South Yorkshire Police and Barnsley's Safer Neighbourhood Team to purchase four mobile CCTV cameras for use in the area.

The cameras, installed by company WCCTV, will be deployed in areas raised as problem hotspots.

Under the guidance and supervision of the police, Big Local members will be able to check the footage and identify any offenders - but the group hopes the cameras will be more preventative - stopping problems before they occur.

April Fisher is the support worker for Goldthorpe and Dearne Big Local. She said

"The cameras are an investment in the community to protect against flytipping, environmental crime and anti-social behaviour"

"WCCTV has helped get us up and running and we have 4 cameras in place. We will be running them in conjunction with the community, with a protocol about how they will be placed."

The mobile cameras are already in place at High Street and Straight Lane, Goldthorpe to tackle flytipping, St Andrew's Square in Bolton Upon Dearne to combat anti social behaviour, and Carrhead Lane, Bolton, to tackle both flytipping and ASB issues.

Allan Sneddon, SNT tasking officer for the Dearne, said

"The group has the right idea about benefiting the community and hopefully we will see good results."


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Local Trust funds CCTV scheme

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