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WCCTV Body Worn Video Solutions

WCCTV Police Redeployable CCTV

Police Solutions - Body Worn Cameras and Redeployable CCTV

WCCTV have been working with Police Forces across the UK since 2001, providing overt and covert surveillance systems to assist with a range of crime-fighting and crime-prevention applications. With the experience of working with over 70% of UK police forces, WCCTV is ideally placed to partner with you on your surveillance technology requirements.


WCCTV Body Worn Video Solutions

WCCTV are a leading manufacturer of Body Worn Video solutions for police forces. The Company’s multi-award-winning body worn cameras are proven to reduce conflict, improve personal safety and help secure criminal prosecutions by providing encrypted and tamper-proof evidential quality video and audio.

WCCTV provides a complete range of Body Worn Video solutions, including body worn cameras, video evidence management software and supporting accessories.

All of WCCTV's solutions are designed and manufactured in the UK to meet and exceed the BSI's BS8593: Code of Practice for the Effective Deployment of Body Worn Video (BWV).

The Company’s product range includes:

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WCCTV Redeployable CCTV for Police

WCCTV is the UK's most established and experienced provider of rapid deployment camera systems for temporary, mobile or semi-permanent applications.

WCCTV delivers real results (prosecutions, reduced crime and improved neighbourhood safety) by providing the highest quality technology backed by world-class customer support services.

WCCTV's Redeployable CCTV helps solve and reduce crime (or the fear of crime) as well as anti-social behaviour, vandalism or fly tipping. It allows the user to target specific hotspot areas, with the flexibility of being able to move the system to new locations as requirements change.

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Key Benefits

  • Live Transmission Body Worn Camera

  • Improved response time

  • Identify potential threats

  • Help deescalateconfrontations and conflicts

  • Allow the remote coordination of large scale tactical operations

  • Greater transparency for officers

  • Reduction of complaints

  • Public protection

  • Officer safety

Key Products

Secure Wireless Transmission

WCCTV background in telecommunications ensures the Company is able to provide fixed static IP addresses to securely transmit your images, a benefit unique to WCCTV. All footage is password protected and has a high-level encryption, ensuring evidential quality.

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