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WCCTV's redeployable CCTV is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to fibre based CCTV

WCCTV Provides Body Worn Camera Solutions for the Public Sector

Redeployable CCTV and Body Worn Cameras for the Public Sector

WCCTV is the leading manufacturer of redeployable CCTV and Body Worn Cameras for the public sector.

Having supplied systems to 85% of the UK’s Local Authorities, government agencies and emergency services, WCCTV is the UK's most established and experienced provider of rapid deployment camera systems for public space monitoring.

We help our customers deliver real results (prosecutions, reduced crime and improved neighbourhood safety) by providing the highest quality technology backed by our world-class customer support services.

Redeployable CCTV is ideal for temporary, mobile or semi permanent applications, and helps solve and reduce crime (or the fear of crime) as well as anti-social behaviour, vandalism or fly tipping. It allows the user to target specific hot spot areas, with the flexibility of being able to move the system to new locations as requirements change.

WCCTV's multi-award-winning Body Worn Cameras are utilised by a wide range of public bodies to tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour, environmental protection, civil enforcement and public and personal safety applications. Body Worn Cameras are proven to reduce conflict, improve personal safety and help secure criminal prosecutions by providing live, encrypted and tamper proof video and audio evidence

Key Benefits

Experience of working with over 350 Local Authorities, 

No civil work is required as WCCTV systems operate over mobile infrastructure. They can therefore be deployed quickly and more cost effectively than fixed CCTV

Portable CCTV - the systems can be redeployed to another location to meet changing requirements

WCCTV’s systems can be integrated into existing control rooms, making them an ideal replacement for, or accompaniment to, fixed CCTV installs.

Ability to generate revenue for the organisation whilst solving problems.

4G enabled systems are capable of delivering speeds of up to 25 frames per second on a live connection, and provide high definition images up to 1080p.

Evidential quality recording with time, date stamp and watermark

All WCCTV's systems are specifically designed to transmit video via mobile networks.

Bespoke airtime and warranty packages and free of charge technical support to assist new and infrequent users of the systems to maximise their investment.

Continuous product development of bespoke solutions.

Key Products

WCCTV 4G HD Speed Dome:  Provides live streaming of HD images at high speed with little to no latency

WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Record): Mobile video recording for civil enforcement agencies, lone and vulnerable worker protection and more

WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect): Live transmission body worn camera with connection via 4G or Wi-Fi

WCCTV 4G Mini Dome: An all-in-one redeployable CCTV surveillance system

WCCTV 4G HD Heavy Duty Dome: A ruggedised redeployable CCTV unit, designed for harsh environments, that delivers High Definition images up to 1080p

WCCTV 4G Mini Dome + NPR: combining redeployable CCTV with a rapdily deployable numberplate recognition system

Vehicle Fitted CCTV: Overt or covert, internal or external vehicle fitted systems

Secure Managed Networks

WCCTV’s background in telecommunications ensures the Company is able to provide fixed static IP address to secure transmission of your images, a benefit unique to WCCTV.

All footage is password protected and has a high-level encryption, ensuring evidential integrity.

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