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Saxony Anhalt Police Select WCCTV Body Worn Cameras

Following a careful selection process, German police in Saxony-Anhalt have selected WCCTV as their supplier of choice to provide 50 Body Worn Cameras to protect their front-line officers.

The deployment of the cameras comes after an amendment to the Act on the Public Security and Order of the Land (SOG), in which state parliament cleared the path for testing of body worn cameras in the municipalities of Magdeburg, Halle and Dessau-Ro├člau.

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Speaking on the launch of the body worn camera project, CDU politician Chris Schulenburg stated that violence in the larger cities was a particular problem and that the WCCTV Body Worn Cameras will help lead to "fewer attacks on police officers".

To find out more about WCCTV's market-leading range of body worn cameras click the links below.

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WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect)

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