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WCCTV Deployable Cameras Featured on Channel 5

Wireless CCTV Ltd's Redeployable Cameras were recently featured on and episode of Channel 5's Filthy Britain SOS.  

Officers from the London Borough of Harringey demonstrated how they use WCCTV's 4G IR Speed Dome to proactively tackle fly-tipping.

The council deploy the portable cameras to target fly-tipping hotspots not covered by their fixed CCTV systems, and can easily relocate them around the borough if the problems move. 

View the full clip below

The council outlined how the digital evidential footage from the cameras has helped them secure prosecutions and issue fines, and they gave a live demonstration of how the cameras actually help prevent fly-tipping. 

Utilising the WCCTV First Responder unit, the council can successful deter would-be fly-tippers, helping to reduce clean up costs and prevent environmental damage. 

Given the increase in prosecutions and reduction in clean-up costs, the cameras were describes as having "paid for themselves". 

WCCTV is currently providing live demonstrations and free trials of it's deployable cameras to public sector organisations, click here to register your interest

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