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WCCTV New Global HQ Build - October Updates

WCCTV's £2.5m project to build a new Global HQ, a 12,000 sq ft mixed use office, warehouse and manufacturing facility, is reaching completion with the Company expected to move in late October.

WCCTV's continued growth, and commitment to meeting customer demand, has facilitated the move to Kingsway Business Park, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where the company will continue to invest in being the market leading provider of redeployable CCTV, site security systems and Body Worn Cameras.

The most recent images of the new site can be found below, along with an up to date high definition time lapse video of the building work which has been produced by WCCTV's time lapse video specialists.

WCCTV New HQ Oct 1

WCCTV New HQ Oct 2

WCCTV New HQ Oct 4

WCCTV New HQ Oct 3

WCCTV New HQ Oct 5

WCCTV New HQ Oct 6

WCCTV New HQ Oct 8

WCCTV New HQ Oct 9

WCCTV have also produced a short time lapse video of the building project, click play below to view the progress.



For more information on WCCTV's time lapse video projects click here.

WCCTV New Global Headquarters will open in November 2015

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