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WCCTV raises over £2000 for Springhill Hospice

Team WCCTV smashed its fundraising target for Springhill Hospice by raising over £2000 in sponsorships after participating in the Gauntlet Games.

The team braved a 5k run littered with obstacles and gladiators, not to mention the rainy Manchester weather, in a bid to raise £1000 for its chosen charity.

In the end, after a fun but exhausting day, WCCTV were delighted to learn the target had been met and exceeded thanks to our generous sponsors.

The group chose to raise funds for Springhill Hospice to highlight the free services and support offered by the Hospice.

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Marketing Manager, Daniel del Soldato said:

“Most of us have had friends or relatives who have used the services provided by hospices. It’s important to show how much they rely on donations."

The Hospice receives around one third of its required costs in funding from the NHS. The remaining costs are met through fundraising and donations from the public.

WCCTV would encourage any further donations you can spare up until the end of the week, just visit:

WCCTV's Just Giving Page

WCCTV beat the Gauntlet Games, and exceed its fundraising target

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