WCCTV Sponsor 21st CCTV User Group Seminar

WCCTV, the market leading provider of redeployable CCTV and body worn cameras, will sponsor the 21st Annual CCTV User Group Seminar taking place at Chesford Grange, Kenilworth, May 22-24.

The Company will deliver one of the event's key note presentations, focusing on:

  • Police and local authority case studies
  • Redeployable CCTV product development
  • Live transmission body worn cameras
  • Body Worn Camera case studies

The Company will also provide hands-on demonstrations of their latest products, with the opportunity to discuss the systems with the Company management team.

For more information visit the links below:

CCTV User Group

WCCTV Redeployable CCTV

WCCTV Body Worn Cameras

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