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WCCTV To Provide Site Security at Rail 2015

WCCTV is delighted to announce it will be working in partnership with the Rail Alliance to provide site security for the Rail 2015 event.

RAIL2015 is an outdoor rail show aimed at the entire rail sector to showcase products and services that meet the increasingly demanding needs of the rail sector, with particular emphasis on best practice, ingenuity and the application of innovation.

WCCTV will provide temporary, redeployable CCTV systems to protect key assets and compounds over 4 days of the event and build up and breakdown periods, ensuring the safety and security of visitors and exhibitors.

WCCTV will be demonstrating their own range of innovative services for the rail industry at the event, include systems for:

  • Level crossing monitoring

  • Flood detection

  • Point and signals monitoring

  • Leaf fall monitoring

  • Trespass prevention

  • IBJ, crack and buckling monitoring

  • Depot security

  • Swing bridge and bridge bash monitoring

For more information on the full range of rail solutions provided by WCCTV, download a brochure here: WCCTV Rail Brochure.

For more information on WCCTV’s site security systems for events and temporary applications, click here.

WCCTV to provide site security at Rail 2015

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