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Wireless CCTV User Group - Reading 21st October

WCCTV's October Wireless and Redeployable CCTV User Group Events continue with an event at Pincents Manor, Reading taking place on Wednesday 21st October.

The event is specifically tailored for those in the Public Sector who have an interest in how redeployable, portable, 4G-enabled mobile CCTV can assist with remote surveillance for a range of applications, including:

  • Tackling vandalism

  • Antisocial behaviour

  • Public safety

  • Fly-tipping

  • Emergency response

  • Events management

WCCTV show first hand examples of how redeployable CCTV is helping local authorities, housing associations and police forces across the country tackle a range of issues in a cost effective manner without compromising on quality.

The event is completely free to attend with free parking, lunch and refreshments all included within the sumptuous settings of one of Reading's premiere venues. Throughout the day, you will also see WCCTV's first live demos of its latest mobile surveillance solutions:

WCCTV will also be demonstrating its existing product portfolio, which includes:

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Date: 21st October 2015

Location: Pincents Manor

WCCTV's Wireless CCTV User Group takes place in Reading, Oct 21st

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