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Construction Site Security Cameras and CCTV Towers

WCCTV is the UK's leading construction site security solutions provider, with over 20 years of experience in supplying Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers backed by a fully managed service covering equipment hire, nationwide installation, maintenance, alarm monitoring and response.

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Reduce security costs by up to


Construction sites are a magnet for criminal activities such as theft, vandalism and trespassing.

Site crime remains a widespread issue for the construction industry, with a reported 6000 break-ins per year, resulting in up to £800m of costs associated with equipment loss and project delay.

WCCTV's blend of technology and services helps to prevent site crime while providing savings of up to 88% when compared to traditional man-guarding services. 

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower on Building Site

Managed Security Services

CCTV Cameras and Towers for Construction Sites

Securing construction sites is a major challenge, with an ever-changing environment, high traffic and large perimeters to protect.

WCCTV portable, rapid deployment CCTV systems deliver multiple benefits for sites, including:

  • Theft and trespass prevention

  • Remote site management

  • Time lapse video documentation

We understand that your time is valuable, and security is not likely your full-time role, so we have developed a fully managed service to make your life easier. 

This service covers CCTV equipment hire, installation, preventative maintenance, remote video monitoring, technical support, remote equipment diagnostics and ongoing reporting.

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Benefits of Hiring CCTV Towers for Construction Sites

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Managed Service

We back our CCTV Towers with a full service that includes installation, maintenance, alarm monitoring, connectivity, support and ongoing reporting. Concentrate on the day job while we take care of security. 

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Multiple Applications

Our construction cameras provide multiple benefits including site security, remote project management and time lapse video documentation. 

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Autonomous Power

Our CCTV Towers can be provided with autonomous power options, including renewable solar energy backed by eco-friendly methanol fuel cells.

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Rental Options

With our camera rental options, you only need to pay for security when needed. No need to worry about transporting the towers from job to job; we'll deliver the kit when you need it, and take it away when you don't. 

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Visual Deterrent

At 7m tall and bright yellow, our CCTV Towers are an unmistakable presence on your sites - warning would-be criminals that your site is under our watchful eye. 

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Remote Access

Manage your site no matter where you are with our free mobile app and desktop software. View live and recorded footage, and keep track of your progress at any time. 

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Cost Effective

Our ultra-reliable managed security services can save you up to 88% when compared with the cost of traditional guarding services, without compromising results.

Construction Cameras

CCTV Towers for Construction Site Security

Our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are engineered to provide immediate, high-quality surveillance coverage in virtually any environment.

Standing 7m tall and painted bright yellow, they offer an immediate visual deterrent to potential criminals that your site is protected by a high-tech CCTV system. 

Deploying our CCTV Towers requires no complicated setup - you can have full security coverage in minutes. Our HD cameras are equipped with infrared capability to ensure crystal-clear imagery, day or night.

With multiple powering options and wireless video transmission technology, you have complete flexibility over where you deploy a WCCTV Tower. There's no need for power or internet facilities at your site. 

Whether you need instant coverage to fill security gaps or a flexible solution for long-term deployment, WCCTV Towers are an ideal choice

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Stress Free Security

Managed Service for Construction Site Security

We understand that security isn't a full-time role for the vast majority of people tasked with securing a construction site.

That's why we have developed a fully managed service that reduces the strain of managing security at your projects.

Our managed service covers site surveys, CCTV Tower hire, installation, connectivity, remote alarm monitoring, mobile guard response units, maintenance, ongoing customer support and free access to our mobile app and desktop software.

From our seven offices across the UK, we can provide nationwide coverage and immediate response to any construction site and ensure you get the service and security you need to keep things running smoothly.

Let WCCTV take care of security while you take care of the day job.

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Virtual Security Guards

Remote Video Monitoring for Construction Sites

Deploying a CCTV Tower will undoubtedly increase security around your construction site, but why record criminal activity when you can stop it in real-time?

When you use WCCTV's cameras, you will benefit from our live video monitoring services, a team of security professionals who watch your sites, scanning for suspicious out-of-hours activity.

Our CCTV Towers feature infrared detection technology, which creates a ringfence around your sites and assets. Any attempted intrusions onto your site are immediately flagged to our monitoring team. 

This initiates a remote crime prevention process, including live audio challenges and the dispatch of police or security personnel to protect your property and assets. 

A passive approach to security only fuels criminality; proactively defend your Construction Sites with Remote Video Monitoring.

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Remote CCTV Monitoring Station

Don't just record crime. Prevent it. 

Proactive Construction Site Security

The video below demonstrates how our live-monitored CCTV cameras detect and deter criminal activity. Nine times out of ten, intruders are deterred by the audio and visual warnings from our units, and if they aren't, then we liaise directly with police and keyholders to respond. 

Time Lapse Camera - Construction

Document Your Projects

Construction Time Lapse Video Filming

WCCTV provides high-quality Time Lapse Video cameras and production services for construction, demolition, and refit projects.

We'll create a time lapse video based on your specifications and key milestones to ensure you receive a video that perfectly captures your project.

We can provide video filming even if your site has no power, camera mounting poles, or connectivity. 

Our creative team will provide complete post-production editing services, including music, animation, and text overlays that turn your videos into interactive stories for you to share with the world.

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Construction Data Gathering

Site Condition Monitoring Solutions 

Alongside our security systems, WCCTV can provide IoT sensors to assist with the measurement and monitoring of construction projects.

Our sensor packs can provide measurements of:

  • Weather conditions
  • Decibel levels
  • Particle monitoring
  • CO2 emissions
  • Local Air Quality Management (LAQM)

The data is automatically compiled into insightful reports and can trigger alerts based on predefined rule sets and thresholds.

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Construction Site Sensors

Industry approved solutions

Our Accreditations

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The UK's Leading Construction Site CCTV Provider

Why Use WCCTV?

We are the UK's leading provider of rapid-deployment CCTV Towers for construction site security.

Our experience spans over 20 years of working with construction companies, home builders and demolition firms across every corner of the country.

With seven offices across the UK, we can provide national coverage with a distinctly local touch. We self-manufacture our CCTV systems, allowing us to provide competitive pricing backed by expert, UK-based support services.

No matter what kind of site you're working on, we have a solution that will protect you against theft, delays and damage while giving you the tools to monitor site progress.

But don't just take our word for it, watch the video across to hear from one of our national clients.

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FAQs about CCTV Towers for Construction Site Security

How are CCTV Towers Monitored on Construction Sites?

WCCTV provides remote video monitoring services to turn CCTV Towers into proactive crime prevention systems. Any activity detected by the Tower's motion detectors/video analytics will trigger an alert to our control room, where a team of security professionals will take appropriate action to stop crimes in progress. We also provide free software and mobile apps to allow our clients to monitor their Towers on demand if required. 

What Features Do Your CCTV Towers Offer My Construction Site?

As standard, our state-of-the-art CCTV Towers feature wireless video transmission (4G/5G), onboard video storage, a 360 degree PTZ camera with infrared night vision and motion detection delivered via PIR detectors or video analytics. Custom options include ANPR cameras, time lapse video recording, condition monitoring sensors and multiple fixed cameras for additional security. Need something else? Get in touch and let us know.