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WCCTV Smart Tower Cameras
Solar CCTV Tower Panels

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

Smart Tower

Our Smart CCTV Towers utilise AI-driven video analytics software to automatically detect activities such as trespass or loitering, immediately triggering a crime prevention response.

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WCCTV Smart Tower Securing Site Compound

Advanced Intruder Detection

What is a Smart CCTV Tower?

A Smart CCTV Tower is a mobile security featuring three security cameras and a long-run battery providing up to 100 hours of backup power. This allows for autonomous operation overnight and at weekends, allowing for generator shutdown - saving on fuel, noise and pollution.

They are an ideal security solution for construction sites, vacant properties or critical infrastructure requiring advanced detection equipment. Using AI video analytics, they can automatically detect intruders and trigger a remote crime prevention response.

As an all-in-one security solution, Smart Towers feature wireless video transmission, three HD IP 23x zoom PTZ cameras with 60m IR illumination zoom and a 40Sq/M range, audio speakers and onboard video storage.

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Any Location. Any Application

Smart CCTV Towers & Remote Video Monitoring

Mobile CCTV Towers are a highly visible deterrent to thieves looking to steal and cause damage to your site or project. But what happens if the presence of a CCTV Tower doesn’t put thieves off? That’s where our alarm monitoring services step in.

Take a look how remote CCTV monitoring works:

How are Smart CCTV Towers Monitored?

Combining our Smart Tower with professional Remote Video Monitoring services transforms a passive security device into a virtual security guard.

Our live monitored CCTV cameras ensure your site is protected by an NSI Gold Category II Alarm Receiving Centre, the highest standard in video monitoring. 

Once an intruder is detected, our monitoring station will verify the detection is positive and issue a live audio warning telling the intruder to leave the site immediately. Police or security will be dispatched as a priority.

Our response to crime is fast and accurate, helping our clients save up to 88% when compared with the cost of physical guarding services.

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Remote CCTV Monitoring Station

More than just a CCTV Tower

Features and Benefits of Smart CCTV Towers

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Autonomous Power

The Smart Tower contains long-run batteries offering up to 150 hours of autonomous powering allowing for generator shut down, saving fuel, cost and noise pollution.  

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Advanced Detection Technology

Standard PIR detection isn't suitable for every site, complex layouts or fast-moving environments require the advanced AI-based detection technology contained in the Smart Tower. 

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Proactive Security

The advanced detection capability of the Eco Smart Tower is backed by our remote alarm monitoring service. Once an intruder is detected, they step in to prevent crimes in progress.

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Rapid Deployment

The Eco Smart Tower can be deployed and fully operation in a matter of minutes, providing immediate security at your sites when you need it most. 

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As your sites change and develop, new security vulnerabilities will emerge. Our CCTV Towers can quickly and easily be relocated to meet your evolving needs.

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Remote Connectivity

Want to keep an eye on your sites out-of-hours? No problem. All our CCTV Towers contain wireless video transmission meaning you can view your cameras from your laptop or phone anytime. 

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Cost Effective

The robust security provided by WCCTV's Towers backed with alarm monitoring and a fully managed service cots up to 88% less than hiring a security guard.

Practical and Convenient

Where can Smart CCTV Towers be used?

Regardless of how remote your location is, our Smart CCTV Towers can be used in many different environments. The Smart CCTV Tower can run for 100 hours when onsite generators are turned off and connect to the internet wirelessly, positioning itself as one of the best solutions for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Demolition projects
  • Data Centres
  • Vacant Property
  • Electricity Substations
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Wind and Solar Farms
  • Gas Terminals
  • Music Festivals

And many, many more

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WCCTV Smart Tower and Van
Home Build Construction Site

Use Cases of Smart Tower

Construction Site Security

CCTV Towers are the most effective and proactive way to prevent the crimes that commonly occur at construction sites, including theft, trespass and vandalism. 

They can quickly be relocated as your sites develop, helping to eliminate any new security vulnerabilities or blind spots without the need for additional equipment. 

Construction Site Security

Housing Estate

Use Cases of Smart Tower

Vacant Property Security

CCTV Towers provide a highly visible and proactive solution for improving the security of vacant properties, helping to reduce trespass, vandalism and arson. 

Deploying a WCCTV Tower, backed by live alarm monitoring and 24/7 response can help reduce security costs by up to 88% compared with security guarding services.

Vacant Property Security

Motorway Traffic

Use Cases of Smart Tower

Traffic Management

CCTV Towers play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and security on roads and motorways by providing real-time monitoring and data on traffic conditions.

They allow for efficient traffic management by enabling the swift identification of incidents such as accidents, breakdowns and congestion via automated alerts and live video. 

Traffic Management Cameras

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Benefits of Renting Mobile CCTV Towers

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower Rental

We can provide our rapid deployment CCTV towers on a rental basis, making the procurement process easier and allowing you to hire CCTV systems only when you need them.

When renting, there's no need to worry about storing your CCTV Tower, transporting it to the next job, or installing the equipment - we take care of everything. 

Some of the key benefits of renting CCTV Towers include:

  • Immediate Cost Savings: Only pay for the Tower when you need it

  • Easier Procurement Process: Fewer sign-off requirements 

  • Convenience: We’ll come and install everything for you ensuring the system is online and working

  • Latest Equipment: You'll always have the most up-to-date Towers with the latest technology

The Benefits of Renting CCTV Towers

Remote CCTV Monitoring Station

More than a product

CCTV Towers as a Managed Service

All of our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers can be provided as part of a fully managed security solution that covers:

  • Site survey and specification
  • Equipment installation
  • Live video monitoring 
  • Maintenance 
  • Technical support
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Reporting

If you’re looking for more info on how managed security services work then speak to one of our team on 0800 470 4630 or request a call back and we’ll be in touch to discuss your options.

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A more flexible and convenient solution to your security and surveillance challenges is just a step away. Get in touch with our security experts and let us know how we can help. 

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