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Solar Powered CCTV Tower


Sustainable Energy as Standard on WCCTV's Rapid Deployment Towers

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In the vital fight against climate change, every positive step matters. This is why all WCCTV Rapid Deployment Towers feature sustainable, low-carbon powering.

As the vital fight against climate change and carbon emissions takes centre stage in the UK this month at COP26, WCCTV is proud to announce the Company's CCTV Towers are provided with sustainable and low-carbon fuels / powering methods.

Powering begins with renewable and sustainable wind and solar energy, as each Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower is fitted with a market-leading, high yield solar panel that delivers full power autonomy throughout the summer months.

When sunlight is in limited supply, power is supplied by built-in methanol fuel cells - a green and clean alternative to the standard commonly supplied diesel-powered CCTV Towers or those that are reliant on generator power.

The CO2 emissions of a generator-powered or diesel-based CCTV Tower are calculated at an average of 351kg per week*. In comparison, a WCCTV Solar Fuel Cell Tower produces just 0.83kg CO2 per week.

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Alongside the obvious environmental advantages of switching to WCCTV's eco-friendly CCTV Towers, they also reduce overall running costs.

Typically a methanol fuel cell will need refuelling four times per year, whereas a generator operating 24/7 will use up to 200 litres per week to run a CCTV Tower. 

Speaking on the Company's eco-friendly approach to CCTV Towers, WCCTV's Head of Communications Daniel del Soldato states: 

"We're aware of the need for sustainability in everything we do as a business, both as a socially responsible business, and from the marketplace's growing demand for eco-friendly solutions."

"We've long been proud of our market-leading status, and we continue to lead the way with our eco-friendly range of CCTV Towers. The acceleration of solar power technology has allowed us to enhance the green credential of our systems to an even greater extent, and that's something our customers love."

*Based on 62 hours usage to cover weekend and evening site closures

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