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The Benefits of Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers deliver an incredible range of unique benefits that are unmatched by traditional fixed CCTV systems.

CCTV Towers can be utilised for any site that requires temporary or portable surveillance, with typical deployment scenarios including construction site security, critical national infrastructure security, safety management at public events and highways project security.

Below, WCCTV, the UK's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance cameras, outlines how Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers can enhance safety and security for your company.

Benefits of Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers - WCCTV

WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

1. Quick and Easy Installation

Installing fixed CCTV cameras across your sites is both an expensive and labour-intensive process, whereas deploying a CCTV Tower couldn't be easier.

With a Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower, there's no need to run power or network cabling to the cameras, allowing you to get near-immediate surveillance coverage of your locations.

WCCTV's CCTV Towers are self-contained security systems that can be live in a matter of minutes, making them the most convenient and rapid response way to tackle security and surveillance requirements. 

The video below shows the installation process for a WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower - it really is that easy to have your system up and running in minutes.

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2. Fully Autonomous Security 

A WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower delivers complete autonomy on every level. 

They can be entirely self-powered, with high-performance solar panels supporting an ultra long-run fuel cell. This makes the system ideal for off-grid locations or any site without power facilities. 

As WCCTV is a specialist in delivering live and recorded video via mobile networks, all our CCTV Towers are autonomous in how they deliver video. 

That means there's no need for onsite Wi-Fi or network cables, and you can access the CCTV cameras straight from your smartphone, tablet or send the images straight to our video monitoring partners and have them do all the work for you. 

Finally, using CCTV Towers means you don't even need a column or structure available to mount your CCTV cameras. WCCTV's Towers provide a self-mounted CCTV solution. and at 7m tall they also make an imposing visual deterrent to potential criminals.

So, with a WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower, you don’t need power, internet service, time to monitor the videos or security guards; it's all taken care of with one solution.

3. Cost-Effectiveness 

A CCTV Tower can provide cost efficiencies from several perspectives. 

If you're looking to secure a temporary location like a construction site or public event, or have a short-term surveillance requirement such as tackling anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping, or providing community reassurance, then installing fixed security cameras isn't economical. 

A Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower removes the up-front cost of installing cameras and allows you the flexibility of moving the system to a new location as your requirements change. Over time, the system will pay for itself as you move it from site to site. 

For increased flexibility, WCCTV provides its CCTV Towers on a rental basis - meaning you only pay for the systems when you actually need them. 

Renting a WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower to protect your construction site, property or critical infrastructure or can work out up to 87%* cheaper than using man guards - without compromising quality, reliability or results.

WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers for Site Security

How WCCTV's Managed Services Work

4. Environmentally Friendly

With an increasing social focus and consciousness developing around environmental issues, sourcing a CCTV system with a renewable and clean power source is a wise investment.

Unlike most other Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers, WCCTV Tower's utilise solar powering, backed by environmentally friendly fuel cells. This is in stark contrast to standard CCTV Towers that rely on diesel power. 

Having a clean, autonomous power source for your CCTV cameras also means you won't have to run generators to keep them powered, reducing your carbon footprint.

5. Complete Security Solution

A WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV is an all-in-one security solution. 

Standing at 7m tall and painted bright yellow, WCCTV's Rapid Deployment Towers are a unique visible deterrent to opportunist thieves. Their effectiveness as a deterrent is further enhanced by their integrated blue light sirens and voice-down audio challenge systems.

If the CCTV Tower fails to deter a criminal, its HD PTZ camera will capture all activity in crystal-clear 1080p HD quality, allowing for evidence gathering and police investigation. 

WCCTV can also provide its CCTV Towers backed by remote monitoring services from an NSI Gold alarm receiving centre, which acts as a virtual security guard keeping watch over your property.

WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers - Managed CCTV Solution for Site Security

WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

Who Should Use Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers?

WCCTV has been supplying Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers since 2001, and in our experience, the key applications for these systems include:

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