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A Complete Guide to Construction Site Security

Construction sites attract a range of security and safety challenges, including the threat of trespass, vandalism, arson, accidents and theft of plant and materials. 

Site crime remains a major challenge for the industry, with approximately 6000 break-ins per year, resulting in up to £800m of costs associated with equipment loss and project delays.

In response to these shocking statistics, WCCTV has created A Complete Guide to Construction Site Security, a comprehensive step-by-step process of securing construction job sites that is available as a free eBook.

In creating this guide, we aim to help construction companies reduce losses attributed to crime, whether these are monetary losses from vandalism or equipment theft or the costs of project delays.

The authors of this document have a combined 30 years of experience working alongside construction companies across the globe, supplying the highest quality security services and portable CCTV equipment. 

A Complete Guide to Construction Site Security - WCCTV

Download a Complete Guide to Construction Site Security

Although we have compiled this guide for any construction company, your project's size, location, and duration will dictate the volume and type of security measures you need to have in place.

Any advice contained within this guide is to be used as a 'rule-of-thumb' and should be adapted as required to suit your site.

Topics covered include:

  1. Hoardings and Fencing

  2. Doors and Gates

  3. Site Offices

  4. Lighting

  5. CCTV

  6. Plant and Tools

  7. Urban Explorers

  8. General Advice

  9. Expert Systems

Click below to get your free copy of the guide.

Download a Complete Guide to Construction Site Security

WCCTV - Managed CCTV and Security Services for Construction Sites

WCCTV is the UK's leading provider of fully managed construction site security services.

Whether you're looking for site security for temporary construction or demolition projects, time lapse video production, onsite communications, remote access to project manage a site or review health and safety, or the complete package, WCCTV can supply you with a bespoke solution on a sale or rental basis.

Our site security services' quality, reliability, and competitive pricing are why we have more active systems nationwide with leading construction and demolition companies than any other supplier.

A WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Providing Construction Site Security

To learn more about protecting your sites, contact us today on 0800 470 4630 or email

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