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Solar CCTV Tower at a Small Construction Project


The Benefits of Rapid Deployment CCTV for Construction Site Security

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Installing rapid deployment CCTV cameras for construction site security, either as an alternative or complement to manned guards, offers many benefits.

Deploying rapid deployment CCTV for construction site security and asset protection, as either an alternative or complement for man guarding, offers many benefits.

From significant cost-savings and installation speed to reliability and convenience, clients across the construction, utility and highways sectors are already benefiting from implementing CCTV systems on-site.

We outline some of the key benefits of deploying Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers below. Our experience comes from over 20 years of providing security to blue-chip construction companies throughout the UK. 

What are the benefits of Rapid Deployment CCTV

Cost-Effectiveness Without Quality Compromise 

The cost of employing man guards is often prohibitive for many when seeking a construction site security solution.

Guarding services generally come at a premium price, with external factors such as the requirement for multiple guards to cover larger sites, ongoing increases in the National Living Wage, the need for training, vetting, rest facilities and vehicles all pushing hourly rates ever upwards - even before bank holiday premium rates are taken into consideration.

Security industry and UK economy experts predict that Brexit, too, may impact both the cost and quality of manned guarding. With the SIA issuing over 15,000 licences to EU passport holders, a potential reduction of the UK’s migrant workforce following Brexit could lead to a shortage of licenced and experienced guards.

With demand for security increasing, the demand for guards is likely to increase, pushing wage demands and costs upwards.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are often anywhere up to 88% cheaper than man guards' cost without compromising effectiveness or quality. Provided on a sale or rental basis, meaning clients can choose the most financially beneficial package for their projects, regardless of its length.

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Quality and Reliability

Rapid Deployment CCTV provides a more accurate and thorough overview of incidents on-site than a physical man guard presence could.

This includes being able to identify intrusions in the lowest lighting conditions. Technology advancements such as infrared and thermal imaging allow cameras to see things a human eye would find impossible to detect.

A CCTV system can also view a much wider area than a man guard, and with the use of multiple infrared detectors, they can proactively identify any intrusion across a whole site and all points of ingress.

CCTV systems are also, by their nature, always attentive. The human element of man guarding introduces the risk of lapses in concentration and attention fatigue. CCTV removes the element of placing trust in the alertness, motivation and ability of security personnel.

A Proactive and Visual Deterrent

The ideal result for anyone looking to secure a site and their valuable assets is to prevent intrusions or break-ins before they occur.

The bright yellow Solar Feul Cell Tower stands 7m high, providing an unmistakable visual deterrent for a would-be trespasser, and they are proven to prevent criminal activity.

Should a break-in still occur, Site Towers offer a fully proactive response. The PIR detectors will pick up activity on-site, send an alarm back to a monitoring station or site manager where the activity is verified and responded to.

We provide all of its rapid deployment site towers backed by BS5979 and BS8418 accredited Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) as standard. Upon receipt of an alarm on-site, the ARC will issue an audio challenge via the Site Towers speakers. In most cases, this will deter the intruders and result in them leaving the site, as demonstrated below. 

If the intruder remains on-site, then the ARC will escalate the incident to the police, key holder, or a mobile guard working in conjunction with the CCTV system.

Risk Mitigation: Protect What Matters Most, Without Harm 

It’s often suggested that the benefit of using guards is they can intervene and prevent a robbery from occurring should they discover an intruder on-site.   

However, in most cases, security guards are trained not to approach a potential intruder for safety concerns. Options, therefore, become very limited. 

Usually, in such instances, security guards ensure their own safety before calling out the police, the same as any normal public member. Without a unique reference number (which can be provided by an accredited ARC), the police may not respond immediately.

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Rapid deployment and Flexibility

Our Site Tower is a truly rapid-deployment CCTV system, meaning it can be installed and fully-operational in just a matter of minutes, ensuring your sites are protected.

They can also be moved around the site as they develop, meaning blind spots can be mitigated and the most appropriate areas of risk remain protected at all times.

Additional Benefit: Health and Safety

Using Rapid Deployment CCTV provides many other benefits for construction companies.

One major benefit is that the cameras can provide project overview footage and assist with health and safety applications. As the cameras provide a 24/7/365 video feed, it allows clients to:

  • Conduct remote site audits

  • Review working procedures remotely and/or retrospectively

  • Manage site access (vehicles/pedestrians)

  • Manage access across site boundaries

  • Issue audio alerts

Finally, remotely monitoring a site gives senior management the ability to improve onsite health and safety by identifying risks and hazards without the need for site visits.

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Additional Benefit: Time Lapse Video Recording

Another added benefit is that all of our systems are construction time lapse video ready. Our cameras capture high definition images of your construction, demolition or refit projects at timed intervals, which our team of video editing professionals will use to produce a fully edited promotional video clip that can drive engagement for your construction company.

Time Lapse Videos help you win new business, celebrate your teams' successes, and get key stakeholder engagement for your projects.


The points listed above are just a selection of the benefits provided by using rapid deployment CCTV.

Key to all of the above is understanding objectives, capabilities and limitations of systems, appropriate equipment selection, and using it as part of best practice for keeping your sites secure.

WCCTV would always recommend a blended approach to security while promoting the power of CCTV systems. 

Managed CCTV Cameras for Construction Site Security 

WCCTV is the UK's leading provider of fully managed construction site security solutions. 

We supply our own manufactured CCTV products backed by a comprehensive service covering site survey, installation, maintenance, alarm monitoring, response and monthly reporting.

Our rapid-deployment CCTV systems provide construction sites with multi-application benefits, including theft prevention, Time Lapse Video recording and remote project management.

Whether you have on-site power or not, we can provide our CCTV systems, and they all contain wireless transmission. So they are completely autonomous solutions.

Ready to find out how renting Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers can work for you? Get in touch today at 0800 470 4630 or request a call back



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