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Body Cameras

WCCTV is an award-winning supplier of UK Manufactured Body Worn Cameras that feature a unique forward-facing screen that has a proven impact on reducing the occurrences of verbal and physical abuse directed towards public-facing workers. 

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Improving Staff Safety and Security

Body Cameras for Safety and Security

WCCTV provides a complete solution for body worn video applications, including award-winning body cameras, digital evidence management software and range of mounting and charging accessories.

We manufacture and support all of our cameras and software in the UK, allowing us to provide an end-to-end managed service that helps our clients protect their staff and secure vital video evidence.

Our body camera solutions are available on a rental basis for short-term security applications.

Companies looking to deploy body cameras on a large scale have the option to purchase the cameras outright. 

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Enhancing Worker Safety

Body Camera Features and Benefits


Front Facing Screen

The distinctive forward-facing screen on WCCTV's body cameras plays a significant role in de-escalating conflict. When individuals are aware they are being recorded, their behaviour dramatically improves.

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Small, discreet and lightweight, WCCTV's body cameras are barely noticeable to the wearer once they are attached. Despite the unit's compact size, it contains market-leading functionality and features.


HD Video Recording

The device's 1080p video recording capability means you will capture high-quality video evidence, whether for police investigations, identifying individuals for convictions or training employees.


Optional Extendable Battery

The optional extended battery pack easily clips onto the bottom of the Body Camera, providing an additional 8 hours of run time, making it ideal for applications beyond the usual daily working pattern. 


Encrypted Data Footage

All footage captured on a WCCTV Body Camera is encrypted to AES 256-bit standard, making it completely secure and inaccessible to unauthorised users.


Evidence Management Software

WCCTV’s cloud based Evidence Management Software (EMS) provides simple and secure management of videos taken from a WCCTV Body Worn Camera. 

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UK Manufactured Body Camera

WCCTV Body Camera - Protect

The WCCTV Body Camera - Protect forms an essential part of the overall safety toolkit for frontline, public-facing workers.  

The presence of a body camera will de-escalate most verbal or physical altercations and capture high-quality video evidence of any incidents that do occur.

Our Body Camera leads the market in terms of features, functionality, technical capability and ease of use for the wearer and video manager.

The simple and functional design of the camera makes it easy to use, with one button to start recording and one button to stop recording. 

A configurable pre-event recording buffer of up to 120 seconds ensures that vital incidents are not missed.

Uniquely, the camera unit features a forward-facing screen that alerts a subject that they are being recorded, a proven deterrent to violent confrontations. 

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Camera Specifications

Technical Features of the WCCTV Body Camera - Protect

WCCTV's body camera units provide all the features and functionalities required for safety and security applications, in a small, robust and easy to use device. Key specifications of the unit include:

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 76mm x 57mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 124G
  • HD video recording
  • Front-facing screen
  • Touchscreen control and navigation
  • Water and dust-resistant
  • Configurable pre-event recording buffer
  • AES 256-bit video encryption
  • Full shift battery, plus extendable add-on

Download Body Worn Camera Specification Sheet

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Products and Extras

Body Camera Products and Accessories

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Ideal for any Industry

Who Should Use Body Cameras?

Interactions with the public can be challenging and unpredictable, but body cameras offer an additional layer of protection for your teams.

When a member of the public is aware they are being recorded, the situation usually becomes instantly calmer.  Industry sectors that can benefit from the use of body cameras include:

  • Retail workers
  • Security teams
  • Emergency Services
  • Rail workers
  • NHS staff
  • Highways management teams
  • Civil enforcement officers

And many more.

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Who Should Use Body Cameras

Body Camera Solutions by Sector

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Retail and Supermarkets

The deployment of body cameras to frontline retail workers helps to reduce in-store incidents and enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of employees.

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Security officers face daily challenges that can jeopardise their safety. Body cameras offer an additional layer of protection and document video evidence of incidents.

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Train, Rail and Tram

Body cameras have a range of applications across the rail network, from protecting public-facing workers to enhancing safety for works delivery teams.

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Fire and Rescue Services

Our emergency service workers face unacceptable levels of antisocial behaviour and threats to their safety. Body cameras enhance safety and security for frontline teams.

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Local Authorities and Councils

Body cameras support civil enforcement teams and other council workers by improving safety and security for the wearer and the public they serve.

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Traffic and Highway Workers

Highway maintenance teams are able to enhance safety and security by the strategic deployment of body worn cameras.

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Frontline healthcare workers are all too often subjected to verbal and physical abuse. Body cameras help to deescalate these incidents and document evidence of all situations.

Flexible Hire Packages

Body Camera Rental

For many businesses, the option of renting Body Cameras may be significantly more convenient than purchasing equipment.

Whether you have a seasonal event or a longer-term rental requirement, WCCTV's flexible rental options make the procurement process easier and you will only pay for Body Cameras when you need them most. 

When renting Body Cameras, there is no need to worry about the installation or storage of the devices - when you no longer need them, just return them to us.  

We have a dedicated technical support team who are on hand at every stage of your camera rental to ensure the ongoing success of your deployments.

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Long-Term Benefits

Advantages of Owning Body Cameras

Investing in Body Cameras improves staff and lone-worker safety as the Camera acts as a deterrent in situations with the public that may become abusive or threatening. Purchasing body cameras is a one-time investment in the security and safety of your staff, eliminating rental fees and leading to cost-savings over time.

Owning Body Cameras demonstrates a long-term commitment to staff security and safety. This commitment is likely to improve staff efficiency and customer service across various industry sectors. 

With all staff using the same device type, it reduces the need for regular training and ensures seamless operation and familiarity with using the unit itself, the Evidence Management Software and evidence gathering procedures. By not having to rely on rental agreements, you can be rest assured of continuous operation and protection with minimal down-time disruptions.

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Use Cases of Body Cameras

Kingdom Security - Body Cameras for Retail Officers

Kingdom Security Officers working within one of the UK's leading supermarket chains have equipped all of their officers with WCCTV body cameras to assist with security and personal safety. 

The cameras have had a transformative effect on how their officers handle incidents and have provided digital evidence of unacceptable behaviour.

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Use Cases of Body Cameras

Network Rail - Mobile Operations Managers

Mobile Operations Managers (MOMs) operating throughout Network Rail's Western route have introduced WCCTV's Body Cameras to support their front-line workers.

The cameras assist with documenting activities for future learning, staff training and development, helping to improve safe working practices across their routes.

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Use Cases of Body Cameras

Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Frontline NHS staff on patient-facing wards have experienced ever-rising levels of violence and aggression from service users, creating a challenging and unsafe environment. 

To address the issues and invest in the safety of their colleagues, Essex NHS Foundation Trust has deployed WCCTV Body Cameras to clinical and security staff. 

Read the case study

Software & Accessories

Evidence Management Software for Body Cameras

WCCTV’s Evidence Management Software (EMS) offers a simple but secure way of managing digital files recorded on our Body Worn Cameras.

Built on a world-leading cloud infrastructure platform, it offers data security, customisation, intuitive navigation and unlimited scalability.

Our EMS makes it simple for authorised users to manage video evidence files and harness multiple capabilities including image redaction, utilisation reports and a full audit trail.

Video files are sorted and searchable by key metadata such as date, time, location, device number and user. Within the EMS there are multiple editing tools allowing you to clip, annotate and securely share video files.

The platform has been specifically designed to comply with the highest data security and integrity standards, in line with the Company's ISO27001 certification. 

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Body Camera Charging and Accessories

Smart Hubs - Body Camera Charging Docks

Our Smart Hubs provide simultaneous charging and wireless video uploading from the Body Cameras into the Evidence Management Software.

The hubs are a fully self-contained unit, which will not impact on your existing IT infrastructure.

The Smart Hubs contain onboard storage capacity, allowing for direct video transfer, meaning as soon as your cameras are charged they are ready to use again, with no waiting around for videos to upload to the cloud.

They are capable of charging Body Cameras within 3 hours (from 0% to 100%), allowing you to quickly get the units deployed back into the field.

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Accessories for Body Cameras

Body Camera Accessories

If you are looking for simple mounting solutions or ruggedised protective cases to enhance the longevity of your Body Cams, our selection of accessories has everything you need.

We provide a wide range of accessories to support the use of our Body Camera range including:

  • Klickfast Leather Pouches
  • Magnetic Lanyards
  • Leather Shoulder Harness
  • Breakaway Centre Chest Harnesses
  • Klickfast Clip Mounts
  • 2 or 8 way Docking and Charging Cradles
  • Battery packs to extend the runtime of the Body Cameras

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