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Body Cameras

Smart Hub

WCCTV’s Smart Hubs and docking stations are designed for integration with WCCTV’s Body Cameras. They provide automatic charging and wireless video uploading to WCCTV’s Evidence Management Software (EMS).

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Smart Charging Hubs

Docking and Charging Stations

WCCTV Smart Hubs are available with either two or eight-way docking stations to suit your specific requirements.

The hubs remove the need for multiple adaptors, offering users a cost-effective and convenient method for charging and uploading footage from body cameras. They can fully charge a WCCTV body camera in just three hours (from 0% to 100%), allowing an operator to quickly get the units deployed back into the field.

Their unique 'store and forward' technology enables immediate footage transfer from the camera to the EMS. 

The Smart Hub automatically updates the firmware on the body cameras, ensuring users always have the latest firmware upgrades for WCCTV Body Worn Cameras.

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Features and Benefits

Smart Hub Advantages

WCCTV's Smart Hub is designed specifically for the WCCTV body cam. It provides customers with a seamless and easy to use camera management system.

It allows simultaneous fast charging and wireless video upload to the EMS, enabling users to rapidly deploy cameras back into the field. 

  • Multi dock - two or eight way Smart Hubs to suit your quantity requirements
  • Automatic wireless uploading of files to the WCCTV EMS software
  • Fast charge of body worn camera units enabling rapid deployment back into the field
  • Automatic firmware upgrades 
  • Store and Forward capability 

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WCCTV's Smart Hub offers an easy-to-use fast charge and video upload system. Fill in the quick contact form and one of our Body Camera Experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements.