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How to Deter Crime at Construction Sites

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Discover effective strategies to prevent crime at construction sites with WCCTV's expert tips. Secure your site today!

Construction sites are one of the most targeted places for theft, vandalism and arson with as many as 21% of construction sites affected on a weekly basis. So how do you deter and prevent theft from construction sites? We’ll take a closer look at some steps that can be used to secure your site project.

What is the Importance of Construction Site Security

As you can imagine, construction site security is vital to ensure the safety of not just workers and visitors but to assets left on site such as tools, equipment, heavy machinery and even materials like metal, timber, copper, cables and fuel. It’s reported that over £800m per year is lost due to project delays and loss of wages which is why site security is so important.

What are the challenges for construction sites?

Construction sites face challenges on a daily basis which can be costly and damaging, resulting in higher project costs with theft, vandalism, safety, liability, efficiency and productivity being some of the main things to think about.

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Theft and Vandalism

Construction equipment and materials are highly valuable items and without comprehensive security measures in place, thieves will be attracted to these items on site. Thieves will target tools, equipment, fuel and materials which are not only vulnerable to theft but also vandalism.


Health and safety on site is crucial to a smooth project. Of course, accidents and incidents are going to occur but it’s about mitigating those risks and having a comprehensive plan when something does happen. Check out our Ultimate guide to Construction Site Safety & Security where we outline ways to improve safety on site.


Landowners of construction sites have a duty of care to trespassers which is another reason why security is so important. Sites should look at having sufficient protection in place as the costs of any accident or injury which occurs on site could be substantial.

Efficiency & Productivity

One of the main reasons projects fall behind is due to slow productivity and efficiency caused by an unsecure site. An unsecure site leads to theft and vandalism so its always best to be organised and secure your site effectively

What are the different methods of securing your Construction Site

There are many different ways that you can secure your site, from a perimeter fence and storage containers to CCTV Towers and real time voice alarms. Each of these methods can help protect your project and enhance safety for everyone.

  • Risk Assessments

  • Physical barriers and perimeter fencing

  • Access control

  • CCTV Cameras

  • Lockable storage containers

  • Alarm systems

  • Security lights

  • Employee awareness

  • Manned guards & dog handlers

  • Portable CCTV Towers

  • Entry & exit monitoring

  • Delivery scheduling

  • Clear and visible signage

  • Regular Risk assessments as the project develops

  • Equipment management systems

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One of the most efficient and cost effective ways of securing your construction site is to deploy Portable CCTV Towers. Standing at 20ft tall they provide an obvious deterrent which helps prevent trespass and intrusions before they occur.

They can be easily moved as your project develops and some tower units can provide up to 150 hours of battery power allowing generators to shut down at nights and weekends.

Speak to an expert about our Portable CCTV Towers Today

For expert advice and guidance on how to secure your sites, WCCTV is the industry's choice. If you are looking to get a quote for managed CCTV cameras for any upcoming sites speak to us on 0800 470 4630 or request a call back



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