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The Benefits of Remotely Monitored CCTV

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CCTV cameras help prevent and investigate crime, but when they are backed by professional remote monitoring services they're a complete site security solution.

Rapid deployment CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent and allow for the investigation of criminal activities.

They are typically deployed for construction site security, critical national infrastructure protection, and at remote sites for a range of surveillance applications; such is their proven effectiveness. 

But when CCTV cameras are combined with professional remote monitoring services, they become a virtual security guard - delivering an unrivalled, proactive security solution.

WCCTV, the UK's leading provider of rapid deployment CCTV for site security, explores remote video monitoring benefits below.

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Benefits and Advantages of Remote CCTV Monitoring

Before we detail the specific benefits, let's first explain what remote monitoring actually means - and how it works. 

All of WCCTV's rapid deployment CCTV systems deliver live and recorded video via 4G mobile transmission. The video can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, via our free and unlicensed viewing software. 

For remote monitoring purposes, the video stream is sent directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or monitoring station. A team of security professionals will receive an alarm from your site, immediately review the footage to verify the alarm then take appropriate action.

Typically, alarms are generated via two methods:

  1. Video Analytics: intelligent rule-based surveillance algorithms built into WCCTV's cameras that detect movement on your sites.

  2. Passive Infrared Detectors (PIRs): electronic sensors that measure infrared light radiating from objects in their field of view. They are most often used for motion-based detection.

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The Key Benefits of Remote Monitoring

  • Crime prevention: Alarm monitoring allows potential threats to your sites to be spotted in real-time and addressed. 

  • Secure arrests: If a WCCTV rapid-deployment camera detects criminal activity, our monitoring partners will alert the police or a security patrol who can respond to the site and make an arrest. A police request from our monitoring partners will be prioritised as it is a verified, active threat.

  • Cost-effective: Rapid deployment CCTV cameras, even when backed by remote monitoring, are up to 86% cheaper than the cost of a man guard

  • No compromise: Cheaper doesn't mean less effective. A monitored CCTV system is always alert, always on guard and can spot criminals even in total darkness. 

  • Evidence and investigation: A professional CCTV operator can track every move a criminal makes, gathering critical evidence that will assist the police with criminal investigations

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  • Reporting and analysis: Our partner monitoring station will provide a detailed report of any incidents that take place at your locations and give details on what action was taken - including speed of action

  • Alarms, sirens and audio voice-down activation: If an intrusion is detected at your site, a remote CCTV operator can activate the inbuilt blue lights, siren and voice-down systems on a WCCTV Site Tower. These are a proven deterrent to any potential criminal activity.

  • Fewer false alarms: Having your CCTV monitored by professionals means they can detect things on site that may trigger false alarms, and they can also filter these out completely for you.

  • Expertise: WCCTV's partner monitoring station is an NSI Gold Approved UK-based Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Their highly-trained SIA licenced operators monitor sites 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Convenience: Rather than worry about late-night call-outs, reviewing your sites over the weekends and holidays - why not leave it to the experts and have complete peace of mind that your sites are in the best hands?

The video below perfect illustrates the benefits of using WCCTV market-leading CCTV systems in tandem with gold-standard monitoring. We deliver a security solution to help you deter, catch or record video evidence of criminal activity at your sites: 

Who Should Use Remotely Monitored CCTV?

WCCTV has been supplying rapid deployment CCTV systems globally since 2001. In our experience, the key applications for remotely monitored security cameras include:

Ready to learn more about how WCCTV's remotely managed CCTV systems can help protect your sites? Contact our team today on 0800 470 4630 or email

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