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Why CCTV Monitoring is Increasingly Popular

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WCCTV explore in detail why remote monitoring CCTV is becoming the new must-have for construction site security.

Why is CCTV Monitoring increasing in popularity?

Remotely monitored CCTV involves the live monitoring of CCTV cameras by an alarm receiving centre (ARC), which can initiate a real-time crime prevention action based on their observations.

Monitoring can be continuous or based on a triggered event or alert, such as an intrusion onto a construction site.

This approach to CCTV is gaining popularity, particularly within the infrastructure sector, where preventing theft or criminal damage is more important than evidence gathering.

In addition to crime prevention, monitored CCTV cameras are a much more budget-friendly option than security guards, and more effective than fixed cameras.

WCCTV has been manufacturing and deploying remote CCTV solutions for over 20 years and understands the importance of a proactive approach to security.

Below, we explore in detail why these systems are becoming the new must-have for security.  

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One of the main reasons remote CCTV is being used on projects within the construction industry is their cost-effectiveness.  

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, then there’s simply no competition between remotely managed CCTV and any of the alternatives. A WCCTV Tower backed by remote alarm monitoring is up to 85% cheaper than employing a security guard.

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Year-Round Security

Having a proactive security solution that never takes a break and never loses concentration means that your sites are always protected when it matters most.

WCCTV’s leading-edge CCTV units features video analytics that can evaluate live video feeds to look for objects to alert the monitoring station to the presence of motion. The ARC then take immediate action based on the scenes before the change of theft or vandalism occur.

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Secure the Whole Site

Remotely monitored cameras are not just cheaper than other security options, they’re also more effective.

Recent years have seen dramatic advances in CCTV technology, with cameras able to cover vast distances and provide high quality imagery at any time of day or night.

The imagery below taken from one of our cameras highlights just how good nighttime capabilities have gotten.

Once an intruder is spotted, the security professionals monitoring the cameras begin a remote crime prevention process as detailed below:

  1. Intruder spotted

  2. CCTV tower records evidential footage

  3. Live audio warning initiated by control room

  4. Police contacted to respond if required

  5. Evidential footage provided to police and client

Take a look at how this works in the example below:

Why Use a Remote Monitoring Package?

WCCTV offers a fully managed security service that include marketing leading surveillance technology, equipment installation, video monitoring, maintenance and ongoing UK-based customer support.

Securing your sites could be easier, cheaper or provide greater protection than when you choose to work WCCTV

Read more by clicking the link below on the benefits of using a remote monitoring CCTV system.

Who Should Use Remote CCTV Monitoring?

WCCTV has been supplying rapid deployment CCTV systems globally since 2001. In our experience, the key applications for remotely monitored security cameras include:

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How Does Remote CCTV Monitoring Work

Having a CCTV system that simply records criminal activity is no longer sufficient for securing sites and valuable assets. Learn how Remote CCTV Monitoring turns a CCTV camera into a proactive crime prevention tool.

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