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WCCTV Video Analytics

WCCTV's Video Analytics provides advanced detection, verification and alerts for a range of intelligent surveillance and monitoring applications.  

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Video Analytics Public Space

Intruder Detection

WCCTV Intruder Analytics

WCCTV’s Intruder Analytics provides high-performance intrusion detection specifically designed for 24/7/365 outdoor operation.

Optimised using footage from thousands of hours of video covering a range of environmental variations, the analytics achieve low false alarm rates while maintaining high detection probability and reliability.

With a simple “region of interest” configuration for most scenes, the intruder analytics can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Whether monitoring a construction site, car park, depot or utility site, it delivers performance where it is needed.

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Intelligent Surveillance

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Detect. Verify. Defend

Benefits of Video Analytics

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Automated Surveillance

Video analytics effectively removes the requirement for your team to monitor cameras for activity constantly; the software will detect and alert you when one of its parameters is met. 

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Crime Detection

Using video analytics makes it easier to pinpoint the exact moment in your video recordings when a crime occurred, shortening the time it takes to find, download, and use video evidence.

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Crime Prevention

Automatic alerts triggered by Video Analytics give you real-time situational awareness of crimes in progress, allowing a response to be taken (audio challenges, alarms, despatching of guards, police).

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Easy to Use

Applying rule sets is incredibly straightforward, and our security experts are here to help you manage every step of the process.

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No Need for New Cameras

If you already have WCCTV's cameras deployed, you can immediately take advantage of our video analytics software without having to replace your cameras. 

Home Build Construction Site

Use Cases of WCCTV Video Analytics

Construction Site Security

Adding video analytics to your construction site security cameras provides an extra layer of certainty that your valuable materials and machinery will be protected. 

The intrusion detection functionality within WCCTV's video analytics software will trigger an alert as soon as someone is seen entering your site. 

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Electricity Substation

Use Cases of WCCTV Video Analytics

Critical Infrastructure

Securing remote and complex critical infrastructure sites against trespass, vandalism, theft and malicious attacks requires a robust and proactive security solution. 

WCCTV's video analytics adds an additional layer of detection and response to our rapid deployment CCTV systems by immediately detecting unauthorised activity.

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Street Litter and Rubbish

Use Cases of WCCTV Video Analytics

Public Space Monitoring

Adding video analytics to WCCTV's redeployable CCTV cameras dramatically enhances their automated crime prevention and detection capabilities.

Video analytics can be configured to assist in detecting items left in a predefined zone, which can be utilised to assist with fly-tipping prevention and detection. 

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AI-Powered Security

WCCTV Loiter Detection Software

WCCTV’s Loiter Analytics provides high-performance loiter detection. Its image analysis tool can detect humans remaining too long in the scene.

The analytics uses advanced algorithms to maximise target detection and tracking.

  • AI loitering detection

  • Designed for 24/365 indoor and outdoor applications

  • Detects moving targets and targets that come to a stop

  • Intuitive parameters for effective detection with minimal false alarms

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