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WCCTV Network Rail CCTV Tower Installed a Train Station

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Rail CCTV Solutions

WCCTV is a leading supplier of remote access CCTV, remote condition monitoring, body worn cameras, time lapse video and level crossing census data gathering to the rail industry.

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UK rail networks face considerable safety and security challenges, including the prevalent issue of metal theft.

This not only jeopardises the functionality of the network but also poses significant risks to the safety of passengers and staff.

Other challenges include managing and securing extensive track miles, stations, and trains against various threats such as vandalism and unauthorised access to non-public areas, all while ensuring the well-being of millions of passengers and employees.

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A solution for all challenges

Managed CCTV and Monitoring for Rail

WCCTV is a leading supplier of remote access CCTV, remote condition monitoring, body worn cameras, time lapse video and level crossing census data gathering to the rail industry.

Our portfolio supports a wide range of safety and security applications for both trackside and non-trackside deployments.

We have specifically designed a product set to meet the unique demands of rail environments, meeting the needs of our rail clients. 

WCCTV systems have been instrumental in reducing delay minutes, improving safety measures, protecting remote sites and assets and providing real-time video, data and alerts to assist with strategic and critical decisions.

The Benefits of Managed Security

Time Lapse Video

WCCTV Time Lapse Video: York Station

WCCTV provides high-quality Time Lapse Video production services for rail construction and upgrades projects.

WCCTV will create a time lapse video based on your specifications to ensure you receive a time lapse video that captures your project perfectly.

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Solutions for Rail

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers for Rail Projects

The WCCTV Network Rail Type Approved Tower is the only rapid deployment CCTV Tower with PADS approval for trackside deployment.

It is non-conductive, easy to install, and its redeployable design means it can be quickly moved to a new location as requirements change.

The Network Rail Tower integrates wireless technology (4G and 3G) to transmit live and recorded video and alarms, a market-leading camera with infrared imaging and 360-degree pan, tilt and 36x zoom, audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur, and a removable hard drive (up to 4TB) for local storage.

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Features and Benefits

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Managed Service

We back our CCTV systems with a full service that includes installation, maintenance, monitoring, connectivity, support and reporting. Concentrate on the day job while we take care of safety and security. 

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Increased Safety

The presence of WCCTV monitoring solutions dramatically enhances workforce and public safety by minimizing and mitigating security risks. 

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Reduce Delays

The increased security provided by our cameras removes the opportunity for theft and trespass incidents that cause costly delays to rail services.

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Rental Options

With our camera rental options, you only need to pay for security when needed. No need to worry about transporting the towers from job to job; we'll deliver the kit when you need it, and take it away when you don't. 

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Crime Deterrent

At 7m tall, our CCTV Towers are an unmistakable presence on your projects - warning would-be criminals that your assets are under our watchful eye. 

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Boots off Balast

Reduce risk by managing your sites and projects completely remotely with our free mobile app and desktop software. View live and recorded footage, and keep track of your progress at any time. 

Rail Construction Project

Use Cases of Rail CCTV Solutions

Construction and Maintenance Projects

WCCTV trackside approved rapid deployment CCTV towers provide a complete security solution for temporary upgrade and maintenance projects. 

Project your materials and assets with our rapidly installed, fully autonomous CCTV systems backed by remote video monitoring and alarms.

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Rail Tracks

Use Cases of Rail CCTV Solutions

Time Lapse Video

WCCTV provides short-term hire of time-lapse video recording equipment and full video editing services to capture rail infrastructure and upgrade projects. 

Celebrate the incredible successes of your teams and capture major milestones with our 4K quality cameras and expert post-production services. 

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Remote Rail Track

Use Cases of Rail CCTV Solutions

Remote Condition Monitoring

WCCTV's Remote Condition Monitoring systems are bespoke CCTV solutions that deliver cost-effective monitoring of truly remote sites and assets for a range of applications.

The systems can be deployed in any location, with little-to-no need for supporting infrastructure due to their flexible powering options and transmission methods.

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Safety and Security

Body Worn Cameras for Rail Applications

WCCTV provides a complete range of Body Worn Video solutions, including body worn cameras, evidence management software and supporting accessories.

WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras have been utilised by Network Rail to deliver multiple applications, including

  • Personal safety and security
  • Track and structural inspections
  • Mobile Operations Management
  • Health and safety
  • Remote project overview
  • Training and review

Explore WCCTV's Body Worn Video Solutions

Industry approved solutions

Our Accreditations

Unique Insights

Remote Condition Monitoring

WCCTV provides bespoke Remote Condition Monitoring systems, offering cost-effective review and management of remote sites and assets across various applications.

Deployable anywhere with minimal supporting infrastructure thanks to flexible powering and transmission options, these systems relay 24/7 real-time information and alerts via mobile networks or satellite.

Users can access live monitoring and daily snapshots through a secure web portal on any device.

Ideal for applications like flood detection and rail track monitoring, the system also sends notifications upon detecting predefined activities.

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Rail Tracks by Beach

Engineer and Van - WCCTV

Trusted Security Solutions

Why Use WCCTV?

We are the UK's leading provider of CCTV and monitoring solutions specifically tailored to meet the complex and varied needs of rail networks across the UK.

Our unmatched experience spans over 20 years of working directly with Network Rail, TFL, Train and Freight Operating companies and multiple rail contractors.

We self-manufacture our own CCTV systems, allowing us to provide competitive pricing backed by in-house support services.

No matter what monitor application you require assistance with, we have a solution that can be deployed where you need it, when you need it. 

But don't just take our word for it. Take a look at our extensive case studies and client testimonials. 

WCCTV Case Studies

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How WCCTV's Managed CCTV Services Work

WCCTV provides a complete managed service to support its rapid deployment CCTV systems. Learn more about how it works here.

Northern Rail Worker Wearing Body Camera - Wide Thumb

Northern Rail Deploy 350 WCCTV Body Cameras for Staff Safety

The rail operator Northern will equip all public-facing staff with WCCTV's body worn cameras to assist police and boost safety for staff and passengers

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What are the benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring?

CCTV cameras help prevent and investigate crime, but when they are backed by professional remote monitoring services they're a complete site security solution.

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Metal Theft Is on The Rise

With metal theft a growing threat, WCCTV’s security experts have provided top tips for protecting infrastructure sites and vacant properties.