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WCCTV Traffic Monitoring 2

Redeployable CCTV for Traffic Monitoring

WCCTV Traffic Monitoring 1

Vehicle Fitted CCTV

Wireless CCTV for Traffic Management & Transport Surveillance

WCCTV's wide-range of rapid deployment CCTV systems are used extensively by companies responsible for managing road networks for multiple applications.

All WCCTV's services are approved on, and available through, the Crown Commercial Service Traffic Management Technology Framework (TMT2), for more information click below.

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Redeployable CCTV for Traffic Management

WCCTV's Redeployable CCTV systems are ideal for traffic monitoring and incident management applications.

The cameras can be utilised to provide live video from key routes to enable the immediate identification of congestion, allowing traffic control centre operators to implement remedial measures and issue advanced warnings to other road users.

The cameras require no fixed infrastructure to deliver live video, and the can be easily redeployed to new locations if applications change.

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Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers for Temporary Road Works Monitoring

WCCTV's Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers provide a convenient solution for monitoring temporary road works and traffic construction projects in remote locations.

The WCCTV Fuel Cell Tower is completely autonomous in terms of video transmission and power, meaning it can be rapidly installed at a site in a matter of minutes without the need for any supporting infrastructure. 

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Vehicle-Fitted CCTV Systems

WCCTV can provide overt or covert vehicle CCTV, including installation and maintenance of the equipment.

The 1, 2 or 4 camera systems can be utilised with overt internal and external cameras as typically used on highways and incident support vehicles or covertly by insurance investigators and police.

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Body Worn Cameras for Worker Protection

Body Worn video is becoming more essential for companies responsible for road maintenance and construction. 

Equipping front-line staff with WCCTV Body Worn Cameras provides a range of benefits including increased personal safety and protection, as well as capturing essential video that help with health and safety practices, site surveys and project review.

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  • Traffic surveillance

  • Congestion monitoring

  • Queue detection

  • Temporary roadwork schemes

  • Event management

  • Road surveys

  • Major incident support

  • Asset protection

  • Health and safety

  • Workforce protection

  • Emergency response applications

  • Vehicle fitted applications

Key Products:

Key Benefits:

  • Little-to-no requirement for fixed infrastructure

  • Rapidly redeployable systems - increased flexibility

  • Remote access to live and recorded footage

  • Improved safety for emergency personnel and public

  • Ongoing technical support

WCCTV Traffic Monitoring

WCCTV Traffic CCTV 2

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