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The Benefits of Redeployable CCTV

Redeployable Cameras



Redeployable CCTV cameras offer a wealth of benefits when utilised as an alternative to fixed fibre-based CCTV.

Utilising Redeployable CCTV cameras as either an alternative or complement to fixed fibre-based CCTV systems can provide a wealth of benefits.

These benefits include a significant reduction of installation costs, faster installation times, and a more flexible and responsive approach to your crime prevention and investigation efforts.

WCCTV, the UK's most experienced and established provider of redeployable CCTV cameras, outlines below some of the key benefits associated with these mobile surveillance solutions. 

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Rapid Deployment and Ease of Installation

Installing a fixed CCTV network is both time-consuming and expensive.

The construction work required to run cabling to cameras is a disruptive process that prevents police and local authorities from quickly deploying CCTV at crime 'hotspots' or temporary locations such as public events or construction sites.

Redeployable CCTV requires little to no infrastructure for deployment; they are plug-and-play solutions for video surveillance. The cameras can be mounted to lampposts or building and powered by 110/240v mains.

WCCTV provides solar power options for locations without continuous power. This autonomously powered redeployable CCTV system is ideal for monitoring applications at off-grid and remote locations without power and/or mounting infrastructure.

Flexibility and Redeployments

One of the key benefits of Redeployable CCTV cameras is that they are completely portable. So if your surveillance applications change, then you can quickly and easily relocate your cameras.

This allows for a strategic approach to surveillance that allows users to target crime hotspots to fight crime such as fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and gang crime. They are also ideal for temporary monitoring applications such as traffic management or events such as demonstrations, rallies, parades and music festivals. 

Below is an example of an organisation successfully tackling fly-tipping hot-spots with Redeployable CCTV. Brighton Council issued six fixed penalty notices within 24 hours of deploying the cameras.

Temporary Applications

Redeployable CCTV is ideal for providing temporary monitoring and security for short-term applications such as festivals, road works, political demonstrations and major sporting events.

Users can transfer cameras from their standard locations to provide extra monitoring for any temporary event duration without an organisation having to invest in additional CCTV.

One example of this is Dudley Council who, in conjunction with West Midlands Police, temporarily moved their fleet of Redeployable Cameras to cover the route of a planned EDL march through the town to provide additional monitoring of the event.

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Ease of Remote Access

Every redeployable CCTV system supplied by WCCTV contains built-in 4G/5G transmission technology to transmit live and recorded video.

Users can access their cameras anytime, from any connected device - or link them directly into a CCTV control room. 

WCCTV provides its camera viewing software, which includes both desktop and mobile app, completely free of charge and unlicensed. 

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At WCCTV, we have continually invested in developing cutting-edge mobile surveillance solutions, improving the functionality, video resolution, live streaming speeds, onboard storage capacity and introducing a range of integrated accessories to ensure every camera we provide meets our clients' exact requirements. 

Our Redeployable CCTV cameras contain built-in video analytics functionality for intelligent surveillance applications and automated security. Additional input channels allow secondary cameras such as ANPR cameras, secondary PTZ cameras, or static cameras.

Future Proofed Products

WCCTV's products are future-proofed to work on next-generation networks, including 5G, allowing customers to benefit from faster connection speeds without replacing equipment.

Likewise, it is possible to upgrade the onboard storage capacity, and WCCTV is continually upgrading its supporting software free of charge.

Revenue Generation

Several WCCTV clients have secured an additional revenue stream by loaning their Redeployable Cameras to other organisations for the duration of major public events or activities.

One such example is Reading Borough Council, which has loaned its cameras to the Reading Festival for public safety and traffic management during the popular event. 

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Control Room Integration

End users can directly integrate WCCTV's redeployable CCTV cameras into an existing CCTV control room. The Company has worked closely with video management software providers such as Meyertech, Synectics, and Tyco/Johnson Controls to ensure full interoperability. 

An example of WCCTV integration is Bournemouth Borough Council who integrated WCCTV's cameras into their Synectics front-end video management software.


The benefits outlined above are just a selection of what can be achieved with an effective Redeployable CCTV strategy. Key to all of the above is understanding objectives, capabilities and limitations of systems, appropriate equipment selection, training, and support.

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Who Should Use Redeployable CCTV Cameras?

WCCTV has been supplying rapid deployment CCTV systems around the globe since 2001, and in our experience, the key applications for these systems include:



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