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Tim Williams

Tim Williams is the Chairman and founder of Wireless CCTV (WCCTV), establishing the Company in 2001.

Tim completed a law degree, before setting up a car rental franchise. Having spotted a gap in the UK mobile communications market, Tim established Cellhire Plc in 1987.

Cellhire is the world leader in global mobile communications, providing clients and partners with innovative and competitive voice and data solutions around the world.

This background in mobile communications was the catalyst for the formation of Wireless CCTV, after the identification of a gap in the market for a portable surveillance solution that could harness mobile connectivity.

The key benefits of cost-effective and rapid installation, along with the ability to be able to redeploy the systems as requirements change, has led to WCCTV's rapid and continuous growth.

Today, Tim serves as Chairman for three pioneering and innovative mobile communications based companies - Cellhire, Wireless CCTV and Vismo - a global tracking application using smartphones. 

WCCTV Tim Williams - Chairman

t: +44 (0) 800 470 4630

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