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WCCTV Rail Tower Installed Trackside

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Network Rail - Southern Shield Safety Group

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Case Study Background

Southern Shield is a collaborative safety forum that consists of Network Rail Infrastructure Projects Southern Region and its principal contractors.

Southern Shield is a collaborative forum set up in response to a tragic accident at Saxilby in 2012 when Scott Dobson was killed in a collision with an oncoming train. The forum examines processes, plant, design and culture to see where contractors can improve to eliminate accidents and incidents to ensure that everyone working in the IP Southern region gets Home Safe Every Day.

Southern Shield aims to:

  • Prevent accidents or incidents

  • Support and enhance the safety rules that are in place

  • Lay down the minimum safety requirements in the southern region so that safety is never sacrificed for commercial advantage

The Challenge - Workforce Safety

The Southern Shield Safety Group, part of Network Rail, took measures to improve safety standards by implementing the Workforce Protection System, in which redeployable, remotely accessible CCTV was identified as a key health and safety tool.

Network Rail was keen to establish a central monitoring position within the new route control centre at the Cotton Exchange in London, allowing contractors working on infrastructure projects on behalf of Network Rail to monitor the systems via their own viewing platforms.

As a major infrastructure partner of Network Rail, Osborne Rail offered their full support to the Southern Shield Safety and resolved to use CCTV monitoring as part of their health and safety procedures on all future projects undertaken on behalf of Network Rail.

The ambition of Southern Shield is Everyone Home Safe Every Day.

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The Solution - Network Rail Approved Rapid Deployment CCTV

Osborne Rail contracted WCCTV, given the Company's existing status as Network Rail's key technology partner, to provide 30 redeployable 4G IR Speed Domes and three WCCTV Network Rail Type Approved Towers.

WCCTV's systems and Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers provide live transmission of video and alarms from a site using 4G mobile networks, allowing remote operators to view images live from the site.

When incidents occur, the central control centre is notified where an operator will escalate as appropriate to the nominated contractor appointed for corrective action.

The systems retain up to 4 weeks of continuous recording, ensuring the mandatory recording period of 48 - 72 hours is met.

The Result

“As Technology Improvement Manager for Osborne Rail, I was introduced to WCCTV as Network Rail’s technology partner, providing remote viewing systems for the Southern Shields Workforce Protection Scheme. As the principal contractor for the Wessex route and in partnership with Network Rail, we purchased several WCCTV 4G systems to deploy on projects and major works in 2015.

The underlining driver behind the project is to ensure the safety of the workforce; WCCTV’s technology allows for live video feeds to be accessed from any location, enhancing our existing safety practices. I’ve found the systems easy to deploy and use, and I’ve been delighted with the ongoing support I’ve received from WCCTV.”

Osborne Rail

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The Benefits of Redeployable CCTV

Redeployable CCTV cameras offer a wealth of benefits when utilised as an alternative to fixed fibre-based CCTV.

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