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North Lanarkshire Council - Body Camera Solution

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North Lanarkshire Council provides services to North Lanarkshire's people, from environmental services to housing and education.

The Challenge

North Lanarkshire Council have been battling Anti-Social Behaviour and crime throughout the town centre.

The council works alongside Town Centre Activities (TCA) to administrate and manage a public safety CCTV cameras network. They primarily focus on supplying monitoring services to support community safety and crime reduction.

The Town Centre Activities service strives to improve the public perception and usage of town centres in North Lanarkshire by encouraging the public, private and community sectors to share and promote a shared vision for town centres.

North Lanarkshire Council has a team of street wardens who provide ongoing assistance and assurance to further their town centre management activities.

The team is often required to deal with challenging situations where they may encounter verbal and physical aggression from the public.

To better protect their workforce, TCA sought a body camera solution to help deter and record such occurrences.

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The Solution

In conjunction with TCA, North Lanarkshire Council equipped their team with WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras coupled with WCCTV's Evidence Management System (EMS).

The body cameras were seen as the ideal tool to ensure the welfare of the street warden team. They would positively impact interactions with the general public and record footage in areas not covered by the town's CCTV network.

WCCTV's body worn cameras have been designed for ease of use, with a simple one-button record mechanism, making it as simple as possible for the council's team to utilise them effectively.

Alongside the cameras, the council benefits from WCCTV's Evidence Management Software (EMS), which provides them with a digitally secure total case management solution.

All footage recorded by the body cameras is stored within the EMS in an encrypted format, which they can share securely to collaborate with local partners such as Police Scotland.

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The Result

Utilising the WCCTV Body Worn Cameras has positively impacted the street warden team. They have reported significantly reduced violent incidents and false allegations and complaints.

The presence of the body cameras, with their unique front-facing screen, has had the desired impact of de-escalating confrontations, and they have captured video evidence where required.

The council's team feels safer and more confident in their work thanks to the body cameras, which have positively impacted interactions between them and the public.

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