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The Benefits of Mobile CCTV for Event Security

Utilising mobile and rapid deployment CCTV systems at temporary events provides a wide range of security and crowd safety benefits. They can work alone or alongside your security staff to provide extra eyes on the ground. 

Below, WCCTV, the UK's leading provider of rapid deployment CCTV for major events, explores the key benefits of hiring mobile cameras for short-term and/or large scale events. 

Crime and Theft Prevention

Having a visible CCTV presence at your events sends an immediate warning to would-be criminals. 

Busy events, especially ones where alcohol is involved, can present criminals with an opportunity for vehicle and/or personal property theft. A highly visible CCTV presence such as a WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower sends a clear message that someone is keeping watch. 

A CCTV presence also reassures your guests that you're mindful of their wellbeing, which in turn boosts the reputation of your event and everyone's enjoyment.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers for Temporary Events

Mobile CCTV for Temporary Events

Traffic Management and Crowd Control

Major events can draw thousands of visitors, presenting complex challenges around crowd safety and control.

Rapid deployment CCTV helps manage traffic flow by spotting any build-ups and can also keep watch over the busiest areas where people congregate.

If dangers or emergencies are spotted, event organisers can take immediate action. 

Rapid deployment CCTV systems are particularly effective for major events as they provide portability, allowing you to position them at strategic locations or 'hot spots'.

Rapid Deployment and Portability

When selecting a CCTV solution for your events, flexibility should be a key priority. Events are temporary occurrences, so a rapid deployment and portable solution allows you to deploy cameras only when and where they are needed most. 

WCCTV provides its rapid deployment CCTV cameras on a rental basis, with a range of managed services, including installation, video monitoring, maintenance and proactive health checks.  

All of WCCTV's surveillance solutions feature plug and play capability, meaning you can have a complete overview of your events in a matter of minutes.  


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Remote monitoring

All of WCCTV's CCTV systems contain 4G connectivity, meaning your security teams can access live and recorded video at any time from any device. 

The recorded footage from the systems can also be used for retrospective review and as learning tools for future events. 

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