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Adam Patel

Student Placement

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Adam Patel

Joined WCCTV: 2014
Placement Role: Finance Assistant
Current Role: Head of Operations

Why did you do a placement year?

While studying for a BSc in Accounting and Finance, I wanted to gain practical experience that would prepare me for full-time employment and improve my knowledge of the various roles available within Finance.

Why did you choose WCCTV?

WCCTV explained that my role would be critical to the business. Rather than being considered a ‘student’, I would be treated as a vital team member with the same responsibilities and level of respect as anyone else.

How did WCCTV support your development?

WCCTV allowed me to work across a wide range of finance roles, allowing me to learn new skills, experience many aspects of finance, and develop at a much quicker rate than I may have elsewhere.

Following my placement, I was offered a permanent role with the Company whilst still studying - allowing me to grow my experience in concurrence with my studies.

I chose to stay with WCCTV after uni as I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to broaden my horizons and develop my skills within a rapidly growing company.

WCCTV further supported my career progression by facilitating my studies with ACCA, which gave me relevant qualifications to help my experience. The practical and academic skills I have developed while working with WCCTV have led to various promotions within the Company.

Would you recommend WCCTV to other students?

For anyone looking for a student placement to further their knowledge in a chosen career path, WCCTV is a great company to work for with a great support system and a proven history of progressing and developing students.

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