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Sunderland City Council


Sunderland City Council has 24 deployable 4G CCTV cameras that can provide high-quality CCTV imaging for the purpose of prevention and detection of crime and disorder.

The cameras are supplemented by a range of other measures including mobile stills cameras (flash cams) used for environmental crime and other CCTV capability provided by partner agencies.

The Council resource is managed by the Council’s Security and Emergency Services based in Development and Regeneration. The resource provides a significant tool in relation to the prevention and detection of crime and disorder.

The Challenge

As a complement to traditional, existing community safety measures, Sunderland City Council were looking for a technology-based, innovative solution that would assist them in tackling antisocial behaviour and environmental crimes being committed specifically in the city centre.

Such issues include littering, fly tipping as well as loitering and vandalism around public spaces such as bus depots and shopping centres.

The Solution

As a joint initiative between the local Business Improvement District (BID) and the Safer Sunderland Partnership, with the aim of creating a safe and secure Sunderland, two WCCTV 4G Speed Dome + First Responder units been deployed in the City Centre.

WCCTV’s combined First Responder Alarm and redeployable CCTV system utilises the additional input channels of the WCCTV 4G IR Speed Dome to integrate a specialised voice-down andblue-light alarm system.

WCCTV 4G Sunderland

The First Responder Alarm works as a unique deterrent in crime hotspots and areas associated with anti-social behaviour, littering and vandalism. It can also be utilised to provide temporary safety and security during major public events. The system’s audio functionality can also raise an alert if a member of the public is in distress.

The system harnesses the wireless transmission (4G, 3G or Wi-Fi), local recording (up to 4TB) and 360° PTZ field of vision of the WCCTV 4G Speed Dome to provide a complete situational overview.

The Result

The successes of the cameras have been the subject of several positive media campaigns, including a feature on ITV News. In the reports, the systems came in for high praise:

“CCTV is an incredibly useful tool in both crime prevention and detection, and we’re always keen to use the latest technology.”

“It has lead to many arrests and convictions over the years and interrogating the footage from it is an integral part of our approach to investigating crimes.”

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