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Choosing the Best Construction Site CCTV Camera

Installing CCTV cameras is the most effective way of protecting construction sites from trespass, vandalism and theft.

Having a CCTV presence on-site will help your construction company prevent, catch and record criminal activity and mitigate liability due to losses or accidents and injuries on-site. 

But, since every construction site has its own set of unique security challenges, what should you be looking for when choosing the best security camera for your sites? 

WCCTV, the UK's leading provider of managed CCTV systems for construction site security, below outlines the essential features buyers should be looking for. 

Choosing the Best CCTV Camera for Construction Site Security - WCCTV

Managed CCTV for Construction Site Security 

1. High Definition Quality

Construction sites can be dark, poorly lit, and incidents you're looking to capture may occur at a distance from the camera. 

A standard definition camera isn't going to deliver the video quality you need in these conditions. 

WCCTV's Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers record and stream at 1080p HD, delivering a video quality unmatched by most other construction site security cameras.

The images below highlight the quality WCCTV's cameras deliver in all conditions.

WCCTV HD CCTV for Construction Site Security

(NB: Bottom image has been redacted)

2. Multiple powering options

Construction sites may not always have continuous power availability, so it is wise to source a CCTV system with a range of flexible powering options.

As an experienced provider of managed construction site CCTV systems, WCCTV can provide systems that work regardless of on-site power availability.

If you have power, then our HD Site Tower can run directly from a 110v power source.

If you have generator power available then our HD Eco Tower can run from that, with enough battery back up to get through the evening and weekends when the generator is switched off. 

If you don't have power, we can supply the WCCTV Solar Fuel Cell, a completely autonomous rapid deployment CCTV system that runs on renewable energy backed by a long-life fuel cell. 

3. Easy to Install and Portable

Construction sites are constantly changing as building works progress, so having a CCTV system that is easy to install, and can be moved around the site to address new security requirements is critical.  

WCCTV's Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are not just easy to install, but we provide a full installation and maintenance service as part of a managed security package. 

As your sites expand, assets move, and new security challenges emerge, the Towers can easily be moved around the site to accommodate these changing requirements. Just let us know when and where, and we'll take care of the rest. 

WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

4. In-built 4G Transmission Technology 

Selecting a CCTV system with inbuilt 4G connectivity is essential as it will allows remote access to the cameras without the need to run cabling onsite.

Construction sites are temporary locations; there is no sense in installing cables to transmit videos just to rip them out once the project is done. It's expensive, disruptive and unnecessary. 

At WCCTV, we manufacture our own 4G modems for the specific application of delivering live and recorded video surveillance images. We integrate these modems into all of our security products, including our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers.

5. Remote Access Anytime From Any Device

You should be able to remotely access the CCTV cameras at your construction site on demand from your authorised devices. 

The inbuilt 4G transmission in WCCTV's cameras allows a site manager to connect the CCTV systems using their laptops, smartphones, or tablets - removing the requirement to be tied to a desk when reviewing videos, and helping reduce site visits. 

WCCTV provides its mobile viewing software to all clients free of charge and completely unlicensed. This includes smartphone and tablet apps and a range of solutions for laptops and PCs. 

WCCTV View App - Mobile Viewing Software for Redeployable CCTV

6. Remote Monitoring and Response

CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent and allow for the retrospective investigation of criminal activities.

But when they are backed by professional alarm monitoring services, they become a virtual security guard - always alert, always on guard and always protecting your construction sites.

If a WCCTV Rapid Deployment Tower detects activity at your site, the team of security professionals at WCCTV's partner ARC will immediately verify the alarm and take appropriate action - i.e. dispatching a mobile patrol or contacting the police - to ensure your sites are protected.

As WCCTV's Monitoring Partners are NSI Gold Accredited, any escalation is treated as a priority incident as they know it is a verified threat.

The video below demonstrates the effectiveness WCCTV's cameras and monitoring services working in tandem. If unwanted intruders attempt to access your construction sites, WCCTV will Deter - Capture - Record.

The Benefits of Remotely Monitored CCTV

7. Local Recording Capacity

Your CCTV cameras must provide more than just a live video stream; they should also feature local recording capability.

Accessing recorded footage allows police to investigate any criminal activity on your sites.

The footage gathered on your sites can also be used to assist with insurance claims, remote project management and investigation of any accidents and injuries. 

All of WCCTV's Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers contain a 4TB hard drive for the storage of video footage, allowing for retrospective review of any onsite activity. 

8. Infrared - Night-Time Capability

Most construction sites will lack either a fixed or ambient lighting facility for night times, making infrared cameras the ideal choice for construction site security.

Inbuilt Infrared capability will allow your CCTV camera to record and detect intruders in normal light, low light, and zero light.

All WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers feature “Smart IR” functionality that automatically adjusts the illumination intensity of the cameras' infrared based on the proximity of objects (such as people) approaching the camera. 

A WCCTV camera captured each image below between 2 am - 4 am on construction sites with zero ambient lighting. In each case, the intruder was arrested or deterred from the site.    

WCCTV Rapid Deployment Towers - Night Vision Capability

WCCTV Managed CCTV for Construction Site Security 

9. Video Analytics

Video analytics is ideal for construction site security. It provides automated detection of unauthorised activity on-site; meaning the cameras don't have to be continually monitored for activity. 

WCCTV's security cameras contain edge video analytics that has been optimized for outdoor usage. These video analytics are easy to configure and allow users to create a virtual fence around a remote construction or utility site. 

When the video analytics platform detects an intrusion, an alarm is raised either directly to the site manager or our partner monitoring station who can take swift action to protect your sites. 

We can even provide smart thermal analytics, which allows for advanced detection and classification at the most remote and complex sites.


10. A Visible Presence

The ideal scenario when securing a construction site is to completely prevent any intrusion before they occur.

WCCTV's Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are 7m high and painted fluorescent yellow - making them a uniquely visible deterrent to opportunist thieves.

WCCTV can also customise its CCTV Towers with integrated blue flashing lights, sirens and audio-voice down features. These unmistakable warning signs often provide more than enough of a deterrent to stop criminals in their tracks. 

This can be enhanced by installing signs around your sites indicating that you have CCTV installed and by deploying CCTV systems with an obvious presence.

WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower - Construction Site Security Solution

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11. Self-Checking Diagnostics

Having a CCTV presence on-site will absolutely help to prevent intrusions onto your site, but if a break-in does occur you want absolute assurance that your cameras are working. 

All of WCCTV's Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers are provided with our WCCTV Heartbeat, a remote diagnostic tool that continually checks the status of the camera, ensuring it is online, recording and is ensuring evidential integrity.

If any faults are detected, we are able to remotely reboot the cameras using the WCCTV Smart Switch, and if anything can't be resolved we will immediately dispatch an engineer to site. 

Don't trust your sites to cameras without self-checking diagnostics and get caught out when it matters most.

12. Bespoke Features Unique to Your Projects

Every construction site will have its own unique set of security challenges. That's why WCCTV has designed its range of CCTV solutions to be fully customisable to meet a range of applications. 

As well as boasting HD quality, 4G transmission, multiple powering options, free viewing software, on-board storage, infrared capability, video analytics and self-testing diagnostics, our Rapid Deployment Towers can also be provided with any of the following additional feature sets:

This range of market-leading features, sector experience, and customisable product set is the reason we firmly believe WCCTV has the best CCTV solution for construction site security. 

WCCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers - Managed CCTV Solution for Site Security

WCCTV: Managed CCTV Cameras for Construction Site Security 

WCCTV is the UK's leading provider of fully managed construction site security solutions. 

We supply our own manufactured CCTV products backed by a comprehensive service covering site survey, installation, maintenance, alarm monitoring, response and monthly reporting.

Our rapid-deployment CCTV systems provide construction sites with multi-application benefits, including theft prevention, Time Lapse Video recording and remote project management.

Whether you have on-site power or not, we can provide our CCTV systems, and they all contain 4G transmission. So they are completely autonomous solutions.

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