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Durham Police Install WCCTV Redeployable Cameras to Tackle ASB

Durham Police have recently deployed a number of WCCTV’s Redeployable Camera systems to tackle crime at anti-social behaviour hotspots across the town of Newton Aycliffe.

The cameras have been installed at critical locations in the Newton Aycliffe area to tackle anti-social behaviour and allow the police to gather evidence on offenders causing problems for residents which can then be used as evidence to prosecute them.

Since the cameras have been installed, there has been a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour in Newton Aycliffe by more than 50%.

WCCTV Redeployable CCTV and Durham Police

Project lead, PC Mike Welch, said: “This project has been months of hard work and learning by all those involved in making this happen.

“I hope that the installation of these cameras reassures residents that we are listening to your concerns and taking positive action to improve confidence within our community.

Great Aycliffe Town Council’s Mayor, Councillor Ken Robson added: “The Town Council has been concerned at the increasing anti-social behaviour problems in the town in recent years, has experienced an increasing number of incidents in its parks.

WCCTV Redeployable CCTV and Durham Police

WCCTV's redeployable cameras are ideal for temporary or targeted monitoring applications due to their wireless transmission capability.

They are utilised by councils and police forces across the UK to capture or deter crimes such as anti-social behaviour, vandalism or fly-tipping.

Their rapid deployment nature means they can be quickly moved to new locations to provide community reassurance, or if new surveillance requirements arise.

WCCTV Redeployable CCTV for Local Authorities

Daniel del Soldato, Head of Communications at WCCTV Ltd, said: “WCCTV is incredibly proud that our market-leading deployable cameras have yet again proven their value in preventing crime and assisting with the prosecution of offenders.

“With the proactive approach, Durham Police have taken, supported by our camera technology, there’s no place to hide for those who wish to engage in anti-social behaviour.”

WCCTV Redeployable CCTV

WCCTV is the UK's leading supplier of rapid deployment CCTV systems, and have led the market for over 20 years in terms of technological capabilities, customer service and the number of active units deployed nationwide.

Key applications and use cases for our redeployable CCTV cameras include:

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