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Strengthen Security and Capture First-Hand Evidence with WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras

WCCTV is an award-winning UK designer and manufacturer of Body Worn Cameras. Our Body Camera Protect has a proven track-record in reducing the occurrences of verbal and physical abuse directed towards public-facing workers across a variety of industry sectors including retail, supermarkets, public transportation, local authorities, councils and security officers – just to name a few!

Body Cameras for Security and Safety

Our Body-Worn Camera solutions provide a complete end-to-end package, which includes body camera devices, digital evidence management software, smart charging hubs and a wide range of mounting accessories. WCCTV leads the market in terms of features, functionality and ease of use for the wearer and video manager.

One of the major advantages of Body-Worn Camera Protect is the configurable pre-event recording buffer of up to 120 seconds, which ensures that all incidents are captured. The unit also features a unique forward-facing screen that alerts a subject that they are being recorded, which is a proven deterrent to violent confrontations. 

Key Features and Benefits of WCCTV Body Cameras

WCCTV's body camera units may be small, however they are packed full of advanced features for safety and security applications including:

  • Evidence Management Software (EMS): WCCTV’s cloud-based EMS provides simple and secure management of videos taken from a WCCTV Body Worn Camera.
  • Font facing screen: The distinctive forward-facing screen on WCCTV’s body cameras is a significant feature in de-escalating conflict as when people are aware they are being recorded, their behaviour tends to improve.
  • Light-weight: Small, discreet and lightweight, WCCTV’s body cameras are barely noticeable to the wearer.
  • HD Video Recording: High-quality video recording means you will capture high-quality video footage, which is useful for gathering vital evidence, training employees and much more. 
  • Extendable Battery: The optional extendable battery pack easily clips onto the body camera to provide an additional eight hours of run-time, making it perfect solution for longer-shifts.
  • Encrypted Data Footage: All footage is encrypted to AES 256-bit standard, making it completely secure.

Who should use Body Cameras?

Interactions with the public can be challenging and unpredictable, but body cameras offer an additional layer of protection for your teams.

When a member of the public is aware they are being recorded, the situation usually becomes instantly calmer.  Here are some industry sectors that benefit from the use of body cameras, including but not limited to:

  • Retail workers
  • Security teams
  • Emergency Services
  • Construction Workers
  • Rail workers
  • NHS staff
  • Highways management teams
  • Civil enforcement officers

Now Available for Rent

For many businesses, the option of renting Body Cameras may be significantly more convenient than purchasing equipment. Due to this, WCCTV is now offering flexible rental packages tailored to meet specific requirements.

Whether you need cameras for short-term use or for a longer-term requirement, WCCTV's flexible rental option simplifies the procurement process, so you only pay for Body Cameras when you need them, making it a cost-effective solution to protect your staff and gather first-hand evidence.

Our experienced technical support team is available at every stage of your camera rental to ensure smooth and hassle-free deployment.

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