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The Benefits of Overt CCTV Cameras

Overt CCTV units deliver many benefits, including crime reduction, community reassurance, and reducing the cost and environmental impact of vandalism and fly-tipping.

As the UK's leading provider of portable, rapid deployment CCTV systems, WCCTV provides both highly visible overt CCTV systems and more covert units that provide discreet monitoring of criminal activity.

Deciding whether an overt system or covert solution is right for you will depend entirely on your overall objectives.

To simply explain what each unit will provide: covert units help catch criminals, overt units prevent or take away the opportunity to commit a crime. 

Below, WCCTV's camera experts outline some of the main benefits of overt CCTV cameras and detail some of the key use cases for these systems.

The Benefits of Overt CCTV Cameras

WCCTV Rapid Deployment Cameras

WCCTV provides a range of highly overt CCTV units. Our rapid deployment CCTV Towers stand over 8m tall, are painted bright yellow and weigh close to 500kg when fully deployed.

Our redeployable CCTV cameras are smaller, modular CCTV units - but they are clearly distinguishable as CCTV cameras.

It is completely by design that these systems have a strong visual presence, as we firmly believe in the effectiveness of overt surveillance cameras as a crime prevention solution.

We actively encourage every client (public sector and commercial)to display bold signage indicating the presence of CCTV and that monitoring is in progress.

Behavioural Impact of Overt CCTV

Numerous studies have revealed the positive transformational effect the presence of any form of surveillance has on human behaviour. 

So when a WCCTV camera is deployed to a construction site, public event, town or city centre or fly-tipping hotspot, it will have an immediate and lasting positive impact.

It reduces the chances of criminal damage such as vandalism and provides community reassurance by creating safer spaces where violence and theft are less likely to occur. 

WCCTV Site Security - Monitoring Sign

Crime Prevention

The main benefit of overt CCTV cameras is their ability to prevent crimes before they occur. If a potential criminal spots a CCTV camera monitoring their activity, it is highly likely they will rethink their actions.

A covert CCTV system is usually beneficial only after a crime has taken place. The covert camera will record and collect evidence that can lead to an arrest, but they generally don't stop crimes from occurring.

This might be fine as part of a longer-term surveillance strategy to infiltrate gang or drug crimes, but is not ideal for all applications.

An overt CCTV camera will also gather video evidence, and every WCCTV records locally in 1080p HD, but they also provide the opportunity to stop crimes in progress, or before they occur.

WCCTV units can be fitted with add-ons such as voice address systems, alarms and flashing blue lights, all of which can be activated to prevent criminal activity.

WCCTV Overt CCTV in Action

Don't just take our word for the benefits of overt CCTV, take a look for yourself at the video below where or proactive, crime prevention systems successfully either stop criminals in their tracks, help the police catch them red-handed, or gather vital evidence for criminal investigation.

Who Should Use Overt CCTV?

WCCTV is the UK's leading supplier of covert and overt rapid deployment CCTV units.

In our experience, the key use cases for overt CCTV are driver by users in the following sectors:

Ready to learn more about how WCCTV's rapid deployment cameras can assist with your applications? Contact our team today on 0800 470 4630.

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