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The Benefits of Video Analytics for CCTV

Video analytics software provides a range of intelligent functions that enhance any CCTV camera and turn them into a proactive crime-detection solution. 

Providing security for critical infrastructure, construction sites, rail depots and public spaces presents a range of challenges, so CCTV systems have had to develop in new ways to help keep them ahead of mounting and ever-changing security requirements. 

Video analytics is one of the more significant advances of recent years, and the true benefits of the software are only just being discovered.

But, what is video analytics? How can video analytics help you fight and reduce crime? Why do you need video analytics software? And what kind of organisations should be investing in video analytics?

WCCTV, the UK's leading supplier of rapid deployment CCTV, outlines below the answers to these questions and details how our edge-based analytics software is assisting end-users across the UK. 

The Benefits of Video Analytices - WCCTV UK

WCCTV Video Analytics

What is Video Analytics?

Video analytics, or intelligent video analytics, is a software solution that can be applied to video streams from CCTV cameras to automatically detect, in near real-time, a series of predefined events, patterns or behaviours.

The algorithms within the software can be used to:

  • detect a person or vehicle entering a restricted area

  • identity traffic movement (such as traffic travelling in the wrong direction)

  • detect a person or object loitering in an area

  • count and/or classifying objects 

When deployed specially for security purposes, video analytics can significantly reduce or remove the workload associated with monitoring video streams for activity and help increase the chance of detecting a crime in progress or investigate a crime retrospectively. 

Who Should Use Video Analytics?

Modern video analytics software provides a range of security and crime detection benefits for multiple sectors. Below, we outline a few of the key applications where video analytics can deliver powerful automated surveillance.

Construction Site Security

Adding video analytics to your construction site CCTV provides an extra layer of certainty that your valuable materials, machinery and tools will be protected. 

The intrusion detection functionality within WCCTV's video analytics software will trigger an alert as soon as someone is seen entering your sites. 

This alert can be sent to WCCTV's partner monitoring station, who will verify the alert, issue an audio challenge to the intruders, and dispatch a priority police response.


Critical National Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure sites face a range of security threats including trespass, theft, criminal damage and arson. Cable and metal theft alone costs the UK economy an estimated £770 million per year, with utility sites a prime target. 

Securing these sites is no easy task, with locations often remote, isolated, and with assets spread across large and complex sites. Video analytics can provide an intelligent and automated approach to critical infrastructure security.

Video analytics can detect unauthorised intrusion onto site in even the lowest light conditions, and on the most complex sites. Once an intrusion is verified, our partner monitoring station will issue an audio challenge and immediately dispatch a priority police response. 

WCCTV Video Analytics for Utility Sites

Managed CCTV for Critical Infrastructure Sites

Police and Local Authorities

Adding video analytics to public space CCTV systems can assist with multiple crime prevention and investigation applications. 

Video analytics can be configured to detect items left in a predefined zone, helping users detect events such as flytipping. 

The range of functions within video analytics software can also be utilised for traffic monitoring, helping detect illegal manoeuvres or traffic congestion. 

When using video analytics, the opportunities for policing and crime prevention are vast; speak to one of WCCTV's experts today to discuss your applications

WCCTV Fly-Tipping Video Analytics

Redeployable CCTV for Local Authorities

Key Benefits of Video Analytics

Some of the key real-world benefits of using video analytics software include:

1. Automated Surveillance

Video analytics effectively removes the requirement for your team to monitor cameras for activity constantly; the software will detect and alert you when one of its parameters is met. 

This is an invaluable cost and time-saving solution.

2. Increased Likelihood of Crime Detection

When using video analytics, you are significantly more likely to pinpoint the exact moment in your video recordings when a crime happened. This makes it easier to find, download and use video evidence for prosecutions.

3. Increased Likelihood of Crime Prevention

The automatic alerts raised by Video Analytics give you real-time situational awareness of potential crimes taking place. This allows for a dynamic response to be taken (audio challenges, alarm trigger, despatching of guards and police) to prevent a crime in progress. 

4. Easy to Use

Although video analytics works off a complex range of learning and algorithms, configuring the programme to meet your requirements is incredibly easy. 

If you are working with WCCTV cameras with in-built video analytics, we can assist you with setting up and testing the software, and provide training so that you can self-manage the cameras if you wish. 

5. No Need for New Cameras

If you already have WCCTV's cameras deployed, you can immediately take advantage of our video analytics software without having to replace your cameras. Contact us today to find out how this works. 

Ready to learn more about how WCCTV's cameras with in-built video analytics capability can improve safety and security for your company? Contact us today on 0800 470 4630 to email to arrange a demonstration. 


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