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WCCTV's Remote Condition Monitoring Systems Assist in Cumbria

WCCTV's Flood Detection system, part of a suite of Remote Condition Monitoring solutions, has been assisting Network Rail during the flooding in Cumbria caused by Storm Desmond.

WCCTV's Flood Detection system allows users to monitor and receive video and alerts from remote locations through a customised and secure web-portal allowing for visual verification of alerts and changes in conditions without the need for site visits - reducing costs and improving health and safety for workers.

Changes in local water levels are indicated by wireless triggers which send an alert to the end user with video footage
of site conditions.

The flood warning system relays real-time information 24 hours a day (or as directed by the customer) to a centralised location, and can send alerts by email or text when a change is the environment is detected.

The secure web-portal can automatically take snapshot pictures on a daily basis for reference as required, and live monitoring can be accessed at any time via smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer as authorised by the customer.

The system requires little-to-no maintenance, and can be totally powered by renewable energy sources (wind/solar).

For more information visit our Remote Condition Monitoring page.

Flooding caused by Storm Desmond captured by WCCTV's RCM systems

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