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Bridge Demolition Project


WCCTV Time Lapse Video for Doncaster Council Makes the News

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A time lapse video produced by WCCTV showcasing the transformation of a Doncaster highway has been reshared by multiple news outlets.

A time lapse video produced by Wireless CCTV for Doncaster Council has been reshared by multiple news outlets, highlighting the transformative effects of a demolition project in Mexborough.

Greens Way Flyover, a bridge that had stood for over 50 years, had been deemed unsafe by the council and was demolished as a matter of urgency to protect motorists and pedestrians.

The works involved closing Greens Way, a major A road, potentially disrupting peak traffic times.

So the council were keen to share the transformative and positive effects of the works by capturing a time lapse video.

The time lapse video was captured and edited by WCCTV's creative department, and was shared by Doncaster Council's communication team. 

This was quickly picked up by local and regional media outlets who were amazed at the scale of the project and the fascinating nature of the works. 

WCCTV's time lapse services has long been a go-to source of creating additional media coverage for contruction comapnies looking to promote their services and capabilities.

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of capturing attention and winning new business; for more information click the link below. 

The Benefits of Time Lapse Video

WCCTV Time Lapse Video Filming and Production

WCCTV is a specialist provider of fully-managed Time Lapse Video filming and production services for construction and demolition works, including highways and utilities infrastructure projects.

Our team of installation engineers and video editing professionals will create a time lapse video that brings your projects to life in stunning high-definition up to 4K.

A Time Lapse Video could be for you if you're looking for a proven method of generating publicity, engagement and new business.

We can provide time lapse video cameras that do not require additional onsite infrastructure, installation work, power sources or connectivity - meaning we can capture video where others can't.

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Time Lapse of Building Site - Wide Thumbs

The Benefits of Construction Time Lapse Video

Time Lapse Videos are powerful video marketing content that can help construction companies win new business, celebrate teams and engage with local communities.

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