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WCCTV to exhibit at UK Security Expo

Wireless CCTV Ltd (WCCTV), the market-leading provider of redeployable CCTV, site security and body worn cameras, will be exhibiting a UK Security Expo, November 31st - December 1st.

UK Security Expo is the premier global security showcase attracting an audience of Government, Transport, Intelligence, Defence, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, CNI and the Private Sector.   

At UK Security Expo, WCCTV will demonstrate its Wearable Security Range: the WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Record), a market leading body worn camera, and the Body Worn Camera (Connect) - the UK's only one box body camera to offer live video transmission and GPS location information.

The unique Body Worn Camera (Connect) recently won a clean sweep of ASIS Accolades, with both a panel of security experts and delegates in attendance at the event universally recognising the benefits of a body worn camera that can deliver live images over a 4G network.

WCCTV is keen to demonstrate how the system can assist with multiple security, health and safety and lone worker application throughout multiple sectors.


Speaking about the live transmission element of the Body Worn Camera (Connect), WCCTV's Managing Director David Gilbertson said recently:

"The uptake of body worn cameras has been driven by the need to protect the wearer and the public by providing greater transparency over how incidents occur and have been dealt with.

“However, this has been purely retrospective, without the opportunity for intervention, advice or assistance for an officer in the field who is left to rely on his or her own best judgement until a review can take place.

“WCCTV’s Body Worn Camera (Connect) drastically improves security, safety and decision making for agents in the field, and allows supervisors to coordinate tactical operations in real-time with eyes on the ground."

For more information on WCCTV's market-leading Body Worn Cameras visit the company on stand E36 at UK Security Expo or contact to arrange a trial.

WCCTV Body Worn Cameras

WCCTV will demonstrate is market leading body Worn Cameras

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