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WCCTV's Time Lapse Video Showreel for 2021 is Here!

WCCTV's highly-anticipated Time Lapse Video Showreel for 2021, featuring a collection of the most fascinating and high-profile construction and demolition projects we filmed last year, has arrived!

Coming out of lockdown restrictions, 2021 was one of the busiest years on record for construction in the UK. Although that brought with it a number of supply chain issues, it was great to see the industry bounce back in such a positive way after 2020's unique challenges.

We are grateful to all of our clients in the construction, highways and demolition industries who chose to work with WCCTV this year; it's been a pleasure working with you on some amazing time lapse projects. 

After much debate, our creative team have chosen their favourite projects of the year. These have been compiled into our showreel for 2021. Check it out below.

WCCTV Time Lapse Video Filming and Production

WCCTV is a specialist provider of managed Time Lapse Video recording and production services for construction and demolition works, including highways and utilities infrastructure projects.

Our highly-experienced installation engineers and video editing professionals will create a time lapse video that tells the story of your projects and brings them to life in stunning high-definition up to 4K. 

WCCTV Time Lapse Video Examples

Time Lapse videos are a proven method of generating publicity, engagement and new business; learn more here: The Marketing Benefits of Time Lapse Videos.

Uniquely, WCCTV can install time lapse video cameras that do not require any additional onsite infrastructure, installation work, power sources or connectivity - meaning we can capture video where others can't.

Get in touch today for a free quote or site survey. 

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