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Why CCTV is Best for Construction Site Security

Modern CCTV technology, with intelligent intrusion detection, night vision, wireless transmission and autonomous powering, is the most powerful tool for crime prevention at construction sites.

Opportunist crimes, including vandalism, arson, and the theft of equipment, tool, and materials remain a major issue for the construction industry, with recent statistics pointing towards the need for enhanced security measures:

The most effective way to prevent your site from becoming a crime statistic is to install highly overt CCTV systems. They deliver remote 24/7/365 surveillance at a fraction of the cost of security guards, without any compromise on quality.

Why CCTV is Best for Construction Site Security - WCCTV UK

Managed CCTV for Construction Site Security

Why CCTV is the Most Effective Construction Site Security Solution

The evolving challenge of construction site security has led to some of the most innovative advances in CCTV camera technology.

As the UK's leading provider of managed CCTV cameras, WCCTV provides a range of CCTV systems specifically engineered to meet the unique challenge of securing temporary and/or remote sites.

We have active units at some of the largest, high profile, and critical infrastructure and construction sites around the world, and our commitment to ongoing, customer-driven product developments means our feature-rich product set delivers the highest standard of site security.

Our CCTV systems deliver:

Visual Deterrence

CCTV systems provide a clear warning to opportunist thieves that they are being recorded or, even better, watched. 

Standing at 7m tall, and painted bright yellow, WCCTV's rapid deployment CCTV Towers have been purposely designed to be a clear and obvious presence on your sites. 

With most of our CCTV deployments, we also provide clear signage stating that your site is being protected and that you intended to prosecute any intruders. 

WCCTV Site Security - Monitoring Sign

24/7/365 Remote Monitoring

A WCCTV rapid deployment CCTV Tower never takes a break. They never miss an incident, they're always alert, and they're always watching your site. They transmit live images and continually record footage to a built-in hard drive for retrospective review. 

As fully managed systems, they can be backed by remote alarm monitoring services. If an intruder is detected at your site, it triggers a real-time theft prevention response which being with an audio challenge directly through the CCTV system, right through to local police being despatched to site.

Autonomous, Eco Friendly Powering

Most construction sites will lack a continuous, fixed power supply, which is why WCCTV has designed a range of autonomously powered CCTV systems.

The WCCTV Solar Fuel Cell Tower can be deployed at virtually any location regardless of existing infrastructure.

This flexibility allows us to secure your sites no matter how remote, or whatever stage you're at with the project.

WCCTV Solar Power Eco Friendly CCTV Towers

Autonomous Power as Standard on WCCTV Towers


WCCTV's rapid deployment CCTV Towers have been specifically designed to withstand all weather conditions during year-round outdoor deployment. All of our cameras and housings hold an accredited IP66 rating.

Night-Vision Technology

Many construction sites don't have permanent or temporary lighting facilities which, particularly at this time of year, allows thieves to operate under cover of darkness.

The built-in Smart IR (infrared technology) in every WCCTV Tower removes this opportunity by delivering high-quality night vision - detecting intruders on your sites that the human eye couldn't detect. 

Automated Intruder Detection

WCCTV's construction site CCTV cameras provide an extra layer of certainty that your tools, materials and machinery are secure. 

Our passive infrared detectors (PIR) trigger an alert as soon as someone enters crosses the invisible perimeter surrounding your construction site.

This alert is sent to WCCTV's monitoring station who will verify the alert as genuine, issue an audio challenge to any intruders, and despatch mobile security or local police.

Wireless Video Transmission

As construction sites are temporary, a permanent internet network may not be available to transmit your CCTV footage. 

At WCCTV, we manufacture our own 4G LTE modems for the specific application of delivering live and recorded CCTV images. We integrate these modems into all of our construction site CCTV cameras.

HD Quality Video

WCCTV's rapid deployment CCTV Towers record and stream at 1080p HD, delivering a video quality unmatched by other construction site security camera providers.

Don't settle for the grainy images of outdated, low-quality CCTV cameras that make intruder detection and criminal investigation impossible. With a WCCTV surveillance system, you get the security industry's highest quality video at a price that won't break the bank.

WCCTV Camera Performance - Construction Site theft Prevention

CCTV Cameras Deliver Complete Peace of Mind

As a site manager, you deal with multiple challenges on a daily basis; security is just one part of a much wider set of responsibilities. 

When you choose to use WCCTV, security is one less thing to worry about. Our clients get the CCTV system that is best suited for site backed by a managed service that provides peace of mind and reduces workload. 

Our CCTV systems deliver:

  • Theft Prevention: The cost of building materials is at an all-time high right now, so construction sites are a prime target for theft. Aside from the direct monetary loss, theft can also lead to lengthy, and costly project delays. Our CCTV cameras remove the opportunity for thieves to access your sites and ensure your projects stay on track. 

  • Worker Safety: CCTV cameras can be used to monitor and review working practices. The footage they capture can help to investigate accidents and near-misses, helping shape your safe working practices, and spot hazards in real-time. 

  • Vandalism and Trespass Deterrence: The presence of a WCCTV Tower often more than enough to prevent anyone from entering your sites and causing damage. When the cameras are backed by remote monitoring and audio challenge speakers, they are an even greater trespass prevention tool. 

WCCTV's CCTV Towers:

  1. Deter crime 

  2. Catch intruders 

  3. Record evidence

See for yourself:


WCCTV - Managed CCTV for Construction Site Security

WCCTV is the UK's leading supplier of fully managed construction site security cameras.

Whether you're looking for video surveillance, time lapse video production, remote access to project manage a site or review health and safety, or the complete package, WCCTV can supply you with a customised solution on a sale or rental basis.

The quality, reliability, and competitive pricing of our services are why we have more active systems nationwide with leading construction, demolition, highways and CNI locations than any other supplier.

To learn more about protecting your sites, contact us today on 0800 470 4630 or email


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