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CCTV Tower Securing a Vacant Property


Why Vacant Property Security Is Essential

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A vacant property with no security is susceptible to several crimes. Installing a proactive CCTV system protects, deters and boosts security for the property.

Many insurance companies now include mandatory void property security in their terms and conditions; don’t get caught out and secure your vacant property.

This clause ensures that health and safety regulations for staff and the public are adhered to and points out the integrity of the property and any contents stored within it or the perimeter.

A vacant property without adequate security measures is susceptible to theft, squatting, vandalism and anti-social behaviour, leaving them vulnerable and difficult to insure.

Vacant Property Crime Statistics

With the increase of malicious damage, squatters and structural damage to vacant properties, expensive repairs can add up to more than the property's value.

The statistics speak for themselves,

  • Every year across the UK, an estimated 750,000 vacant buildings are the subject of crime. (SOURCE)

  • 1 in 6 vacant buildings are at risk of flooding. (SOURCE)

  • Legal fees for removing a single squatter start at £5,000 (SOURCE)

  • Over 15,000 tonnes of metal is stolen in the UK each year (SOURCE)

  • 9,000 fires a year occur in empty buildings across the UK (SOURCE)


How to protect Protect Vacant Properties

Any unoccupied properties you own need to remain safe, secure and presentable as the risks significantly heighten the longer a property remains unoccupied. Still, there are indirect risks, such as the impact on the local economy and house prices in the area.

Here are some considerations and benefits of using a WCCTV system:

  • Deterrence: Our 7m yellow visible CCTV cameras act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Cameras can discourage trespassing, vandalism, and burglary attempts, as individuals are less likely to engage in illegal activities if they know they are being recorded.

  • Surveillance: They record and capture footage continuously 24/7/365, capturing capture and recording any suspicious activities, enabling property owners or security personnel to respond promptly and appropriately.

  • Evidence: In the unfortunate event of a crime on a vacant property, high-quality video recordings can help identify perpetrators and provide valuable information for prosecution.

  • Remote Monitoring: When a WCCTV camera is combined with professional remote monitoring services, they become a virtual security guard - delivering an unrivalled, proactive security solution.

  • Alarms and Notifications: WCCTV systems are integrated with cutting-edge video analytics to alert a responder of a trespasser on the vacant property and alert property owners or security personnel in real-time, allowing immediate action.

  • Remote Viewing: Property owners or security personnel can view live or recorded footage from anywhere using internet-connected devices, enhancing convenience and responsiveness.

Protecting your vacant property with WCCTV can reduce crime and associated risks.

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Managed CCTV for Vacant Properties

WCCTV is a leading provider of fully managed security services in the UK.

We offer a range of security solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, including the temporary hire of surveillance equipment, installation, ongoing maintenance, video monitoring and more.

Our site security services are renowned for their quality, reliability, and competitive pricing, so we have more active units nationwide than any other supplier.

Our experienced security professionals are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring our clients' sites remain secure throughout the project.

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