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London Borough of Haringey


London Borough of Haringey environmental enforcement teams work non-stop to catch fly tippers throughout the borough and have invested in tougher measures to deal with those that have been detained and to provide evidential evidence of those caught it the act.

The Challenge 

The cost of fly tipping throughout the London Borough of Haringey is costing taxpayers more than £3million a year.

To address the issue, the Council sought a redeployable CCTV system to increase surveillance coverage in hot spot areas where environmental crime needs to be addressed and has the capability of being relocatable - allowing the council to be responsive to criminal activities.

The Solution 

London Borough of Haringey deployed several WCCTV 4G IR Speed Dome systems in conjunction with the WCCTV First Responder.

The WCCTV 4G IR Speed Dome is an all-in-one surveillance system, that combines an infrared PTZ camera, local recording capacity (up to 4TB) and wireless transmission technology into a single, lightweight unit.

Whereas the First Responder offers an integrated audio and alarm capability with flashing emergency Blue-Light to assist in deterring potential offenders.

The portable cameras were installed to target fly-tipping hotspots not covered by their fixed CCTV systems and can easily relocate them around the borough if the problems move.

Footage from the cameras led to several prosecutions and fines being issued.

The Result

Utilising the WCCTV First Responder unit with the WCCV 4G IR Speed Dome, the council can successfully deter would-be fly-tippers, helping to reduce clean up costs and prevent environmental damage.

Given the increase in prosecutions and reduction in clean-up costs, the cameras were described as having "paid for themselves".

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