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Exmouth Town Council Invest in 10 WCCTV Cameras

Exmouth Town Council has invested in 10 WCCTV Redeployable Cameras following a successful proof-of-concept trial and extensive tender process. Within hours of their installation, the cameras captured vital evidence of a serious assault in the town centre. 

In 2018, East Devon District Council (EDDC) advised Exmouth Town Council that it would cease funding of the fixed CCTV network that it had installed in Exmouth 30 years ago.

The fixed camera network had become severely outdated, and in seeking a suitable replacement solution, the Town Council turned to WCCTV's redeployable CCTV following a successful trial period during 2020.

The 10 WCCTV 4G IR Mini Domes have been installed at strategic locations across the town to assist with public safety, with seven units in the town centre and a further three placed along the town's esplanade.

Due to their portability, the cameras can be quickly and easily relocated as the Council's surveillance requirements change.

The cost of the cameras has been part-funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and by Devon County Council’s Investing in Devon Programme.

Exmouth Town Council Increase Redeployable CCTV Fleet to 10 - WCCTV UK

Pictured (l-r) in front of one of the WCCTV cameras are Ross Johnstone of WCCTV; East Devon MP; County council chairman Jeff Trail; Inspector Antonia Weeks from Devon and Cornwall Police; Councillor Fred Caygill and Lisa Bowman and Mollie Carey from Exmouth Town Council. Image courtesy of the town council

Within six hours of the new cameras going live, they had already proven their worth. One of the three cameras sited strategically in the Strand area of the town captured an assault on a man by individuals from a group of fifteen teenagers.

The high-definition footage has been passed to the police, who are conducting further enquiries into this incident.

Speaking on the new cameras, Councillor Fred Caygill, Chairman of the Exmouth CCTV Working Party, said: “I am pleased that we are able to provide Exmouth police with high-definition footage of extremely high quality for evidence purposes to assist them in their enquiries regarding this incident."

"Hopefully, the footage will result in the identification of the perpetrators of this assault, ensuring that they are held accountable for their actions."

Simon Jupp, MP said: “We now have an impressive CCTV system that will improve community safety and assist the police in Exmouth to detect and identify those who have committed a crime."

"This will undoubtedly bring more people to justice and help make Exmouth an even better place to live, work and visit”.

WCCTV's Ross Johnstone added, "We're incredibly proud that Exmouth Town Council has chosen to invest in our Redeployable CCTV systems."

"It proves that when we back our market-leading equipment with the world-class support services we are known for, we can deliver results time after time."

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