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Time Lapse Video Camera at Remote Site

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Anglian Water: Ludham Pipeline - Construction Time Lapse Video

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Case Study Background

Anglian Water has recently completed work on a £9million project in Ludham, Norfolk, that will deliver water supplies to 3,000 homes while simultaneously protecting Catfield Fen's environment. 

Prior to the project, Anglian Water had taken the water supply for the area from a borehole near Ludham itself.

However, to help protect the surrounding environment, which is a renowned Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and part of the Norfolk Broads, Anglian Water will stop taking water from this groundwater source now the work is complete.

The Company will instead move water via the newly constructed 3km pipeline, which connects Ludham to Horstead Water Tower. 

The water in the tower comes from one of the Company’s main treatment centres at Heigham in Norwich. 

The Challenge - Remote Site Security and Time Lapse Video Requirements

During the construction phase of the project, Anglian Water had the dual requirements of securing plant and assets at a uniquely remote site whilst also capturing time lapse video footage of this one-of-a-kind build. 

Having previously worked together during the construction of the Heigham Water Treatment Works, Anglian Water contracted WCCTV to provide both services. 

The partnership between the two companies at Heigham, the 2-year construction of Europe's largest Water Treatment facility, was hugely successful, with WCCTV providing robust construction site security services along with delivering a multi-camera time-lapse video that brought the project to life in a 3-minute video clip shared thousands of times across social media. 

Untitled - 2023-10-23T102027.255

The Solution - Managed Construction Site CCTV

To secure the site, WCCTV provided a Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower, backed by a fully managed service that included installation, alarm monitoring, ongoing maintenance, support and performance reporting. 

WCCTV's Towers are 7m tall, bright yellow, highly visible deterrents that help prevent trespass and intrusions onto sites before they occur.

They contain in-built 4G transmission of video and alarms, an HD infrared, 360° PTZ camera, audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to occur and local recording capability storage of evidential footage.

The Tower WCCTV provided was powered by methanol fuels cells, backed by solar powering for extended run time, meaning the system was completely power-autonomous and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, WCCTV provided the site with two 4K quality time lapse video cameras to capture all the key stages of the construction phase. 

At the end of the project, WCCTV provided a fully edited video that has been shared across multiple social media channels and websites, racking up hundreds of 'likes and thousands of views - helping drive public engagement and interest in the project. 

Untitled - 2023-10-18T202541.601

The Result

Throughout the project, all plant, materials and tools were fully secured by the WCCTV Rapid Deployment Tower, there were no reports of losses, and the project was able to run from start to finish without the disruption caused by theft or criminal damage. 

The 4K time lapse video provided by WCCTV has been used by Anglian Water to drive both media and social engagement with the project, helping enhance their reputation as one of the UK's leading utility brands. 

The full time lapse video is viewable below. 

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