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Case Studies

Erith - Bradford Road Gas Works - Site Security

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Project Background 

As part of a National Grid's initiative to repurpose abandoned gasworks sites, Erith Contractors were appointed to dismantle two disused Gas Holders at Bradford Road, Manchester.  

The two iconic structures, located near the Etihad Stadium, have been a key fixture of Manchester’s skyline for decades, but have become obsolete due to advances in gas storage technology.

The cleared site is set to be redeveloped as part of an ongoing push to build more affordable housing surrounding the city centre.

The Challenge 

The site's location in a highly populated area presented Erith with a range of safety and security challenges during the demolition works.

Trespassers would face a multitude of dangers that could result in injury or worse, whilst the site contained several materials and machinery that are commonly targeted by thieves.

Erith required a security solution that could both operate independently of power and internet facilities and provide a visual and proactive deterrent to intruders.

The Solution 

Having previously provided similar services to Erith, WCCTV was chosen as the preferred security supplier for this project.

Following an on-site survey, we specified our Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers be deployed as their detection range of 500ft would provide thorough coverage of the whole site and oversee all access points.

Specifically, we deployed our Solar Fuel Cell Towers for this site, as they operate independently of power and internet access, both of which were not readily available.

The CCTV Towers were backed by WCCTV's comprehensive wrap-around service, which included CCTV Tower hire, installation services, remote video monitoring, ongoing support, and access to our free mobile app so that site managers could check in on progress and review site conditions.

Alongside the security set-up, WCCTV also provided a time-lapse video camera to document the project's key milestones and share them with Erith and its stakeholders.

The Result 

The implementation of WCCTV's security systems garnered positive feedback from the client, highlighting its effectiveness in addressing security concerns. Scott Hutson, the site manager for Erith Contractors, expressed satisfaction with the solution, stating, "I would definitely recommend WCCTV; they have been very helpful."  

The delivery of a customised CCTV solution shows dedication to offering dependable, quality and reasonably priced security products for a range of project scenarios. 

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